Official title of the project

‘’Digitization of the municipal archive’’

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

172.121 /  154.237,63

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Mar
Expected results

1. Designed electronic document management processes

2. IS optimized

3. Purchased hardware

4. Established and functional electronic archives

5. Trained staff and management

6. Increased efficiency of employees

7. Improved management


Citizens of Kikinda municipality


Zvezdara Municipality, Belgrade

Summary of the project

Strengthening the capacity of local self-government and stimulation of local development is a step to modern functioning administration

Project is designed to facilitate transfer to a newer version of the IS, establishing of an electronic archive and formation of a common database, which will enable instant access to all necessary information in order to efficiently and quickly provide local municipal services.

Efficiency in service delivery, i.e. resolving citizens' and legal entities' requests in the system of electronic documents is defined as services delivered in a short time.

Project will also allow automatic export of desired documents on the web page of the local administration thus allowing the development of new municipal services such as access to the status of the case by the citizens. In fact, every citizen, who filed a request for a desired document at any time, on the municipal web portal can check the status of their request.

Programme/Project objectives

Main goal of the project ‘’Digitization of the municipal archive’’ in the Municipal Administration of Kikinda is improving the capacity of local government for good governance, municipal management and provision of municipal services.

Specific objectives

1. Increasing the efficiency of employees in the Municipal Administration Kikinda

Digitization of document opens the possibility of cases and access levels crossing that would result in more efficient work of employees and contribute to quality relations among them.

2. Improvement of management in the Municipal Administration Kikinda

The current availability of all necessary information enables managers to make better decisions and  to monitor the performance of employees.

3. Improving the Information System in Municipal Administration of Kikinda

The real improvement of the existing system is in the design and implementation of new procedures