Official title of the project

Koceljeva – Nice Place for Livin'

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

163.185/146.185 euro

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  • The conditions for sports education of children and young people are in accordance with the requirements prescribed by the curriculum;
  • The conditions for the promotion of sports, cultural and entertaining life in the Municipality of Koceljeva have been provided;

Municipality of Koceljeva


City Municipality of Vračar, Republic of Serbia

CA ''Evrokontakt'' Kruševac, Republic of Serbia

Summary of the project

The project objective is to contribute to the improvement of physical education and raising the quality of sporting, cultural and entertainment life in Koceljeva.
The project is intended primarily to students of primary and secondary schools in Koceljeva, but also to all sports and cultural workers, sportsmen, recreationists, and ultimately to all residents of this small municipality located in the region of Šumadija.
Before the completion of the sports hall, which was officially opened on the Day of Municipality Koceljeva, 19th August 2010, this small community, perhaps had been the only one in our country which had not had an indoor sports facility and the teachers of physical education during the winter months had had to improvise the classes, and practically there had existed no conditions for organized sports during this period.
During the fifteen months, as foreseen for the project to last, the equipment for new sports hall at the primary school in Koceljeva will be provided, but also sports, cultural and other public workers will have the opportunity to cooperate with their partners from Vračar and so learn how to use the sports hall as a public asset of great importance for Koceljeva, not only for the purpose of physical education but also for the overall improvement of social life in the community.

Programme/Project objectives

The project wants to contribute to improving the quality of education and life in the Municipality of Koceljeva. Local Sustainable Development Strategy - LSDS (2007-17) in the field of social development in particular regulates health and social care, education, care of the young, elderly and marginalized groups. LSDS states that specific problems in education, health and care of young people are inadequate school infrastructure, especially the lack of a sports hall, not enough extra-curricular programs for youth, ensufficient cultural and sports programs for youth and under-education of the population on healthy lifestyle and diet as well as prevention of illness from chronic disease.

Specific objectives

The project aims to contribute to  achieving the overall objective by the improvement of basic sport education and by enrichment of sports, cultural and entertainment life. The implementation of project activities will enable the youth of Koceljeva to get the prescribed teaching of physical education, create the conditions for engaging in various sports, provide a further development of the cultural societies and sports associations. Also, it will raise awareness about the necessity of applying the principles of "healthy living".