Official title of the project

GIS as a tool for improving efficiency and competitiveness in the City of Krusevac

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

     264.895   / 234.895

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Sep
Expected results

1. Improvement of the current situation of target groups in trhe area of service provision

2. Improvement of technical and managerial capacity of target groups

3. Improvement in local economic development


The City of Krusevac


Municipality of Zalec, Slovenia

Regional Centre for development of Small and Medium scale Enterprises,  Serbia

Summary of the project

The project will increase the capacity of local government in the area of planning (urban planning, environmental protection, local economic development, efficient use of existing resources, community services) and will provide better and faster services to citizens and businesses in order to achieve standards of EU municipalities, as well as an efficient and fair collection of public revenues.The existence of such a system will enable transparent work, better coordination between public services and thus will reduce opportunities for the appearance of corruption in public service, because the procedures for resolving claims of citizens will be more efficient and less dependent on human factors.

Geographic Information Systems combine geodetic data with other types of information and generate maps for better recognition of local problems and more effective solutions. GIS directly supports variety of local activities (land-use and urban planning, economic development, infrastructure, transportation and emergency management, educational planning, tax assessment, environmental monitoring, public information services).

This will be achieved by the transfer of knowledge from the partner municipalities from EU, procurement of necessary equipment, both hardware and software, and involvement in the existing information system and training employees and management of local government to work on the system.

Programme/Project objectives

Creating conditions for improving efficiency and effectiveness of local self-government aimed at securing higher quality service to citizens and potential investors through:


  • Improvement of the administration operation by development of GIS-based information systems module
  • Increasing the capacity of local government by building information infrastructure that will enable the achievement of EU standards in the planning and management of municipalities;
  • Transfer of knowledge from EU partner municipality in the application of GIS, as well as in the field work methodology and in solving the problems of citizens.


Achieving this goal will enable harmonization of the records of all data in the field of urban planning, cadastre, property-legal relations, economy and utility activities according to EU standards.

Specific objectives

 - Better management of the city and better and cheaper services for citizens and businesses;

- Creation of possibilities for precise long-term planning in various fields;

- Better urban planning that will enable faster and cheaper infrastructure and faster issuance of building permits to entrepreneurs in the function of community economic development;

- Faster resolution of claims of citizens connected to urban improvements and related utilities;

- Better management of existing resources in order to obtain savings and prevent the occurrence of damages to the natural environment;

- Efficient collection of public revenues, accurate record keeping of all taxpayers for the payment of public revenues;

- Preparation of personnel for accurate, updated and timely information of citizens on public data;

- Promoting cooperation between local governments, regional and republican authorities and Improving communication between authorities at all levels.