Official title of the project

Web portal for investors with GIS

Project information

Region / City
Novi Sad
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR 292,289.09 / EUR 257,090.09

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2012. Mar
Expected results

- Project successfully implemented

- Exchange of knowledge and experiences fulfilled

- Defined long-term co-operation between the City of Novi Sad and relevant institutions

- The established permanent working body

- Adopted long-term plan (strategy) of GIS development

- Defined method for the development of web portal and a part of GIS

- Developed web portal that includes GIS for investors

- Members of the working body prepared for the work with GIS tools

- The data for web portal and GIS within it collected and prepared in a professional and quality way

- Digitalised land plots

- Data ready for entering/importing

- Realised web portal and GIS environment for the investors

- Users, professional and wider public are informed about project objectives and results

- Equipment purchased and installed


City of Novi Sad


City of Subotica, Serbia

Summary of the project

For the purpose of urban and economic development of the city, the local government needs to present within its activities all other structures such as utility infrastructure, economic/business facilities, cultural-historical structures, educational institutions, and other urban and statistical data on the relevant space.

The main problem is the absence of a simple and fast way of obtaining of necessary information. Taking into account that spatial information are scattered in different local and Republic bodies and institutions, the exchange of data is difficult and expensive.

The activities in the project have been planned in a way to achieve maximum impact for the given resources and at the same time remain feasible. The main activities are:

- Preparation and signing of the agreement between the City of Novi Sad and 14 relevant institutions

- Establishment of a permanent working body

- Elaboration of  along-term plan (strategy) for GIS development

- Elaboration of web portal that includes a part of GIS for the investors

- Data digitalisation

- Data verification

- Data entering

- Purchase and instalment of equipment

Programme/Project objectives

To increase capacities of local authorities for improving service delivery and stimulating local development

Each modern local self-government strives to raise its capacities and capacities of local institutions through implementation of contemporary solutions because that is the way to accomplish better mutual co-operation and better co-operation with the citizens. Capacity building results with stimulating of local economic development because local self-government becomes more competitive and more attractive for capital and grants. Higher capacities also provide assistance to the existing economy and citizens since it facilitates their life and work, which is the task of each responsible local self-government.

Specific objectives

Specific objective 1: Facilitated decision making and process monitoring through access to information enabled via the latest technologies.

Modern technologies will enable the applicant to facilitate decision making and process monitoring to all interested stakeholders. This means that it will be possible to obtain all necessary information at one place. It will no longer be necessary to go to different institutions, wait in queues, and submit several written applications because it will be possible to have access to a large number of pieces of information via the Internet.

 Specific objective 2: Improving of co-operation between institutions at all levels, as well as between institutions and citizens

Improvement of communication, better and faster work, avoidance of unnecessary expenditure of resources and creation of foundations for further business development will together enable easier cooperation between institutions and citizens.