Official title of the project

E N E R G I S EuropeAid /130-241/L/ACT/RS

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution


215.701,70/186.193,70 EUR


Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Jun
Expected results
  • Expected results:
  • Increased knowledge and skills of Savski Venac municipal officers on financial, technical and communication tools on energy efficiency interventions and air pollution reduction
  • Enhanced capacities of institutional actors on urban spatial planning
  • Increased capacities of institutional actors of promoting local economic development based on sustainable resources
  • Increased number of citizens informed about how to increase energy efficiency in households and lower energy consumption levels and costs
  • Increased number of citizens provided with tools for implementing actions of energy efficiency in their own houses
  • Increased awareness of economic operators towards profit opportunities of the energy – related market
  • Increased production of energy efficiency products and services


Education system

Energy economic sector

Civil society organisations

  • Municipality of Savski Venac-the lead applicant, in charge for the management and coordination of the project (WP1) and responsible for the dissemination of the project’s results (WP5). It will be the manager of WP2:initialization of municipal polluters’ cadaster, where it will also have to select SMEs for stud visits in WP3. It will be the main target and beneficiary of the project activity according to its strategic document (Local Environmental Action Plan).
  • Municipality of Padua. It will be the manager of WP4, but will be str

Summary of the project

The project "E N E R G I S" is relevant with the needs and constraints of the municipality of Savski Venac and the Belgrade area in general.

The municipality of Savski Venac will introduced through successful working methods already in use in the municipality of Padova concerning management of an Info Center, of financial incentives, and information and communication tools, acquired through trainings and exchange of best practices. With the acquired knowledge municipality will be able to set up the Green Office, the budget line for citizens (with municipal funds) and to organize promotional awareness raising campaigns for schools, citizens and SMEs.

Municipal officers will also develop their capacities in planning management in the field of air pollution reduction and energy efficiency. Actually an initial cadastre of polluters will be established in the existing GIS. The project foresees to integrate spatial data (buildings) with data about energy efficiency and to perform analysis using advance GIS tools. In order to allow the Serbian officers to practically apply the methodology of “Local Agenda 21 for Kyoto”, a pilot action shall be realised. It will consist in the accounting for CO2 emissions in a public building that will be the “pilot building”(selected  among one of the 10 buildings included in GIS during WP 2) before and after the energy efficiency intervention.

Programme/Project objectives

The project mainly aims at increasing municipal management and service delivery capacities of local authorities of the municipality of Savski Venac in the field of environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Specific objectives

 Objectives of the action


  • To transfer best practices on environment and energy efficiency to institutional actors;
  • To increase management capacities of local authorities in urban spatial planning and environmental interventions;
  • To transfer local institutional actors with competencies and skills to provide efficient information services to citizens on energy efficiency, pollution reduction, and environment protection;
  • To stimulate local production of energy technologies and services
  • To promote harmonisation between the production and the consumption sector with reference to the energy efficiency
  • To raise awareness on citizens on the positive impact of energy efficiency and green mobility actions in terms of environment protection;
  • To contribute to reduce air pollution;
  • To improve quality life of Serbian citizens