Official title of the project

E-Government for our Citizens

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

291.489,00 EUR / 262.048,61 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Jun
Expected results
  • DMS (document management system) introduced in municipal government as primary system of operation and communication within municipality departments.
  • System for easy determination of performance for all employees in municipal government introduced to increase overall efficiency of municipal government.
  • New features added to the municipal GIS to support new e-government procedures.
  • Introduction of DMS integrated financial planning and control IT subsystem
  • Municipality internet portal upgraded to facilitate new e-government services and DMS integration.
  • Introduction of DMS integrated VIC (Virtual Info Centre) to facilitate all questions and citizens requests to be sent on one place by phone, SMS and web. From there all requests and questions will be forwarded to competent person via DMS.
  • Introduction of e-government desks and equipment by Local Offices in all settlements belonging to territory of Municipality of Vršac
  • Municipal staff introduced with best EU practices and trained in e-government practices, client processing, decision making and strategic planning of development needed for EU Ascension
  • Less resource used by local government and clients for obtaining municipal services (paper, fuel, print cartridges).
  • Increased awareness of general and expert public regarding e-government system

Municipality of Vršac


Municipality of Mórahalom

Summary of the project

The general aims are to improve local development through increasing efficiency of municipal administration and quality of services. In order to ensure good governance, economic and social growth, environmental protection and sustainability, one of the goals is to maximize the availability and effective use of e-government. Citizens will get opportunity to enjoy fast, effective, transparent, time and cost efficient municipal services by using proposed e-government solutions. Promotion of use of IT technologies to achieve common needs amongst general population will lead to increased social development through education and IT proliferation. By providing business sector with fast, efficient, transparent and cost effective services using e-government solutions proposed in this project and e-government currently under development, municipality will achieve better profile for further investments and economic development.

Programme/Project objectives

This project has one Main goal:

Stimulation of local development by means of improvement service delivery and municipal management in the field of e-government

Specific objectives

  1. Reducing costs to citizens and municipal government by standardization of business processes and increasing quality and efficiency of operational procedures within local government.
  2. Improvement of communication between citizens and municipality government by fostering public participation in local government operations.
  3. Stimulating development of rural areas of municipality by facilitation of same quality and quantity of services for all citizens in their place of residence promoting equality and good governance.
  4. Increasing overall capacities of public servants working within municipal government by professional training, and knowledge proliferation based on best EU practices.
  5. Reducing impact on environment caused by operation of municipal government..
  6. Promotion of e-government capabilities towards expert and general public as example of good practice implemented in EU.