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Combating and eradication of rabies and classical swine fever

Project information

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Total budget of programme / project

Total budgets foreseen in annual national IPA programmes:


IPA 2008: 6.3 M EUR

IPA 2009: 6 M EUR

IPA 2011: 6 M EUR

IPA 2012: 7.1 M EUR









Implementation period
2010. Jan - -0001. Nov
Expected results

To eradicate, control and monitor rabies in foxes in the Republic of Serbia;


To eradicate, control and monitor CSF in feral pig population as well as to prevent the spread of CSF from feral pig population to domestic pigs.










Veterinary Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management 


















Target Groups

List all target groups including end users:

- Staff of Ministry;

- Citizens (combating and eradication of rabies);

- Pig farming sector (combating and eradication of classical swine fever); 

Summary of the project

Most countries in Western Europe are currently free of rabies. However, the disease is present in Serbia as well as in the neighboring countries. The number of cases of rabies in Serbia was relatively high and was increasing before the programme started in 2010, after which a sharp decline of the number of registered cases of rabies in animals was noted, as a result of assistance from the European Union.  As an illustration, in 2008 there were 234 cases of rabies confirmed, while in 2012 only 13 cases were identified.


The Ministry of Agriculture is considering phasing out the routine mandatory vaccination of pigs against classical swine fever and switching to other ways of combating and eradication of this animal disease, taking into account that this is one of the preconditions Serbia needs to meet so as to be able to certify fresh pork meat for export to the EU.  However, this measure may only be taken once the necessary conditions and risk management systems are in place.

  1. Once the programme is completed, Serbia will join the family of rabies free European countries and its citizens will be safe from this potentially lethal disease. We are already now one step from achieving this objective.
  2. It is important that classical swine fever be eradicated and risk management systems put in place, among others, so that Serbia can resume export of fresh pork meat to the EU. 









Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the programme is to improve the animal health in Serbia and surrounding countries in line with EU standards, thus improving the prospects for trade of agricultural products.









Specific objectives









More details on project
  1. Technical assistance (implemented)

Name: Technical Assistance for the Control and Eradication of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) and Rabies

Budget: 1.9 M EUR

Brief summary of the project: The project for support development of associated action and contingency plans as well as EU funded vaccination against rabies and CSF.  The project results included: Strategic operational multi-annual action plans for eradication, control and monitoring of Rabies and Classical Swine Fever, development of the Contingency plan and operational manual for Classical Swine Fever, provision of training, assistance to procurement, etc.   


          2. Supply:

Budget: appr. 15 M EUR (Implemented or under implementation)

Brief summary of the project: Multiple supply contracts for delivery of equipment for combating and eradication of animal diseases (including monitoring and surveillance) and emergency interventions, as well as aerial distribution of vaccines for oral immunisation of foxes against rabies. (approx. 1000 characters)