Official title of the project

Support to the Rule of Law System


Project information

Strengthening independence, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the judiciary and law enforcement system
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

13,600,000 EUR

EU Contribution: 13,400,000 EUR

Implementation period
2013. Jan - 2017. Dec
Expected results
  1. More efficient case management in all courts of general jurisdiction
  2. Judiciary capacity to track and improve performance enhanced
  3. Access to courts, transparency and communication with public improved
  4. Training Curricula on judicial efficiency for court staff and court leadership introduced and delivered at the Judicial Academy
  5. Overall assessment of the enforcement regime of civil claims conducted
  6. A new system of enforcement officers - Bailiffs functioning fully and efficiently
  7. Increased capacities and skills of Serbian judges, prosecutors, police and defence attorneys to undertake new roles

Ministry of Justice and State Administration

Ministry of Interior

Target Groups

Basic Courts – 34 and court units (102)

Higher Courts -26,

Appellate Courts -4,

The Supreme Court of Cassation

Summary of the project

Serbia recently adopted a number of judicial laws, regulating a comprehensive restructuring (territorial, organisational, procedural, etc.) of Serbian judiciary's operations. The previously existing municipal courts were transformed into basic courts and their number was reduced fourfold. The restructuring of the court network brought a number of challenges for judicial operations.

The project stems from the need of the Serbian administration to ensure implementation and further development of the judiciary reform strategy, including efficient and timely delivery of criminal justice. The project will tackle the key problems of overall efficiency of all courts of general jurisdiction, by improving operational procedures, introducing professional development, education of judicial personnel and better public outreach of courts.

Such a holistic approach to project implementation should improve the efficiency, quality of work and the public image of the judicial system in the Republic of Serbia

Programme/Project objectives

To improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of court proceedings; support to the newly established system of enforcement of court decisions; enabling a coordinated fight against all forms of crime through more efficient investigation and court trial procedures, improved capacity of courts, to measure their performance, securing adequate equipment, increased involvement of the civil society and general public into the substantive evaluation of the criminal justice system in the Republic of Serbia. 

More details on project

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has supported Serbia in implementing its National Judicial Reform Strategy.

World Bank- led Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Justice Sector Support:  Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden (SIDA), the United Kingdom, and the EU

DFID supported court management reforms

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) supported the Misdemeanour Courts and the Judicial Training Centre

Judicial Training Centre training activities supported by the French Embassy

USAID has funded a reform programme at the commercial courts, numerous training and legislative reforms, as well as the development of the new legislation in the area of enforcing civil claim

Improving the forensic and crime scene operatio ns in the Police Unit in Novi Sad, Government of Norway

Establishment of the Center for forensic training and improvement of forensic crime scene processing (inspection), Government of Sweden

1. Two service contracts for Components 1 and 3: Judicial efficiency & Implementation of new Criminal Procedure Code

                Budget: 9 MEUR and 1.3 MEUR

2. One supply contract for Component 3: Implementation of new Criminal Procedure Code

               Budget: 760,000 EUR

3. One Works Contract for Component 4: Adaptation of space for improving investigative techniques and forensics

        Budget: 540,000 EUR

4. One Direct Grant for Component 2: Effective enforcement of court decisions Budget: 2 MEUR