Official title of the project

Strengthening the Alternative Sanctions System


Project information

In order to promote community safety, justice and the rule of law the project purpose is to enable medium risk offenders to be managed more effectively by the increased use of Community Sanctions and Measures including Electronic Monitoring
Region / City
Belgrade, Nis, Sombor, Apatin
Total budget of programme / project

  2,397,580 euros including the extension

Implementation period
2011. Sep - 2014. Jul
Expected results
  1. A new probation law which meets the basic requirements of the Council of Europe’s Probation Rules (2010)
  2. To strengthen the skills of staff in the Alternative Sanctions Department who supervise offenders
  3. To increase support for alternative sanctions amongst prosecutors, judges and the wider pubic so that more offenders receive community sanctions rather than prison sentences
  4. To increase cooperation between government departments, agencies and non governmental bodies so that offenders have access to assistance on problems relating to employment, accommodation, drug/alcohol misuse, mental health problems etc

Ministry of Justice

Target Groups
  • The Prison Administration , the Alternative Sanctions Department
  • Prosecutors and Judges
  • Non Governmental Organisations
  • Universities
  • Offenders
  • Wider public

Summary of the project

To increase the use of community sanctions to help manage the prison population and reduce reoffending through the rehabilitation of offenders.

  1. Offenders can be rehabilitated in the community
  2. Community sanctions can protect the public from offending
  3. Community sanctions offer better value for money than imprisonment
  4. Investment in community sanctions can divert non-dangerous offenders from prison and reduce the demand for investment in prisons so that large capital expenditure can be spent in a more socially useful way eg on hospitals and schools

Programme/Project objectives

  1. To assist in the modernisation of the legislative and institutional framework to enable more offenders to be supervised
  2. To increase the capacity of the Prison Adminstration and Alternative Sanctions Department to supervise offenders effectively
  3. To increase awareness and support for alterntive sanctions amongst prosecutors, judges and the wider pubic
  4. To improve inter-agency working with offenders

More details on project
  1. Supply/Equipment

Name supply of Electronic Monitoring equipment

Budget: EUR 897,000

Brief summary of the project: Supply, delivery, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and after-sales service of electronic monitoring equipment (600 monitoring kits); contract implementation ended in September 2013



Roger McGarva

Strengthening the Alternative Sanctions System in Serbia

Kneza Milosa 16/VI; 11000 Belgrade; Serbia

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