Official title of the project

Technical Assistance to the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in Serbian Ministry of Health (MoH) – Clinical Centres


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Feb - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  • Develop an exemplar, more efficient and sustainable high level hospital model to lead hospital reform throughout the Serbian health system, by providing hospital master plans with an emphasis on
  • Centralised hospital infrastructure
  • Integrated joint support medical functions
  • Redefined, simplified, separated and improved patient flows and hospital processes
  • Improve general standards of patient care, service provision and referral mechanisms for the catchments population through:
    • Better hygiene standards and patient comfort in two bed and single rooms with private bathrooms
    • Patient-centred service provision in modernised hospitals
    • Improved accessibility of the CCs’ for patients, staff, emergency services, suppliers and visitors
    • Improved coordination of care, both within CCs’ and across the health care networ
    • Resolve priority infrastructure and equipment

Government of Serbia, Ministry of Health, PIU, CCs

Summary of the project

For the period 2008-2014, the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Clinical Centers (CCs) of Serbia in Belgrade(CCS), Vojvodina (CCV) in Novi Sad, Niš (CCN) and Kragujevac (CCK) aim to develop a high-level clinical centre model capable of leading the delivery of general and specialised hospital care according to patient needs and comparable to European standards. The four health institutions that form the basis of this assignment comprise the only four University Clinical Centres in the country. The Clinical Centres are at the pinnacle of the acute hospital service network, with approximately 14,000 employees, taking care of about 2,000,000 patient episodes and performing over 120.000 surgeries per annum. Each of the four University Clinical Centres share a common feature - a major capital development-unfinished building which is either incomplete or has been partially completed but has stood empty and unused for a number of years. This TA project is supporting the implementation of a 200 MEUR EIB loan provided to GoS for 4 CCs reconstruction aiming to improve and reform the delivery of Tertiary Health Care. The GoS has established a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in charge of the above investment programme and EC provided funds for the TA support to PIU. The TA project foresees continuous support to PIU in the implementation of the investment program in order to significantly increase its capacity and to ensure sustainability of the investment programme through supporting the reorganisation and change management in the targeted institutions.

Programme/Project objectives

The main goal of the project is to support and monitor implementation of the underlying EIB project, 200 MEUR loan to the GoS that involves reconstruction, modernisation and redevelopment of Serbia's four tertiary care hospitals in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac. In its first phase, financially covered by the EIB loan, it includes the design, construction of new buildings, project management and supervision, as well as some smaller supporting investments, with the main objective to increase quality of patient care and efficiency of the 4 CCs. Through already developed Master Plans for the overall site development in all four CCs as well as Business plans for modernisation of provision of health services, the project remains fully in line with the Government policy concerning health sector reforms and fully responds to the needs o

Specific objectives

Monitor, assist in and evaluate the implementation of Project / Project Management according to EU procedures

  • Appropriate schedule and content of Master Plans, preliminary designs and detailed designs by contracted DSCs
  • Tender Dossiers preparation related to Services and Works Contracts in accordance with EU procedures
  • Support in diverse aspects of contract management

Support PIU/MoH in different aspect of procurement Infrastructure Services & Works

  • Assistance in establishing and implementing a procurement strategy in accordance with EU/EIB criteria. Collaboration with DSCs and various authorities, in issuing/obtaining different types of necessary regulatory documents defined by Serbian and/or EU legislation.
  • Capacity building by providing “on the job” training related to procurement of supplies, services and works contracts in accordance with EU/EIB procedures and Project/Construction management.