Official title of the project

Municipal Support Programme (MSP)

Project information

Region / City
Belgrade, Serbia
Total budget of programme / project

23 Million

22 Million, EU Contribution

1 Million, Co-financing

IPA 2007

Implementation period
2009. May - 2013. Apr
Expected results
  1. Consolidation of the legal and institutional framework for local self-government.
  2. Strengthening of financial arrangements for local government and support to fiscal decentralisation.
  3. Establishment of a co-ordination mechanism and preparation of a fully-fledged decentralisation strategy.
  4. Enhancing citizen participation at local level and raising awareness on local government issues.

Ministry for PAR and LSG (later Ministry for Regional Development and LSG); Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM); Ministry of Finance

Target Groups

Local Self Government of the Republic of Serbia

Summary of the project

MSP IPA 2007 Programme consists of four main components:

Component 1: Good governance - Strategic planning and service delivery

Component 2: Municipal finance – tax administration, programme budgeting, capital investment planning and budgeting

Component 3:  Good governance, - administrative efficiency – municipal functional and organisational structures, HRM, training, decentralisation legal framework etc.

Component 4:  EXCHANGE 3 grant scheme (70 municipal projects implemented in various areas under municipal competence)

Programme was delivered through one technical assistance contract, joint action implemented by the Council of Europe, EXCHANGE 3 grant scheme of 11 M and direct grant support to the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.

The Project was highly visible on all levels of government. Across the country the municipalities applied for the services offered and those who couldn’t be selected for direct support voluntarily participated in events and asked for additional copies of the numerous publications.

The Project contributed substantially to the main topics of LSG in Serbia, has developed solutions and disseminated the experience made. The success is mainly the result of an excellent cooperation and coordination of activities with the two main beneficiaries, the Ministry in charge of LSG and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.

Working on national level, supporting drafting important pieces of legislative framework relevant for LSG,  and simultaneously on local level, piloting solutions based on best practice, testing them and then disseminating, has turned out as being extremely efficient.&

Programme/Project objectives

Programme aimed to contribute to strengthening capacities of LSGs units in Serbia to further implement the decentralisation process in accordance with relevant European Union standards for good governance. 

More details on project

Swedish Government /Support to Local Self-Governments in Serbia in the EU Integration Process/3.500.000€/December 2011-December 2014/ The program is focused on creating better overall framework for strengthening the local government sector in the process of Serbia's integration into EU. It aims to contributing to strengthened democracy, equitable and sustainable development in relation to local governance and closer ties between Serbia and EU.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation-SDC/Institutional Support to the SCTM/2,170,000 CHF/January 2010- December 2013/ The Project consists of two components. First one is directed towards strengthening the dialogue among local governments on their joint interests, towards raising awareness of local authorities on the significance of the advocacy activities and their role in the process of formulating and advocating their joint interests and, also, towards the establishment of the institutional dialogue between local and national authorities. Second component of the project is directed towards further strengthening of the SCTM capacities with the aim of implementation of advocacy activities and towards even better organization of these activities and their further programme orientation, in line with the adopted strategic programme documents of the SCTM in the area of advocating the interests of members of the association.

Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)/Improving Environment for Businesses at Local Level through Regulatory Reform/1.364.147€/ December 2011-November 2014/ The main focus of the Project is to form ground for better environment for businesses in a number of localities in Serbia, by addressing one of the main obstacles – the obsolete and unnecessarily complicated local administrative processes and procedures that in many cases impede or slow down business activities at local level and negatively influence local economic development and new employment.

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Support to Local Self-Government in decentralisation within the Social Policy Area/ 1.039.423/July 2010-June 2013/Local democracy in Serbia strengthened by bringing social service provision closer to the citizens, providing better conditions for social cohesion and the transition towards European standards.

USAID's Business Enabling Project (BEP)/January 2011-January 2016/to help the Government of Serbia improve the competitiveness of the Serbian economy and its private sector businesses.

USAID’s Sustainable Local Development (SLD)/ five-year plan to work with municipalities, businesses and civil society organizations (CSOs) to improve public services and stimulate local economies.