Official title of the project

Environmental Protection at the Electric Power of Serbia (EPS) company


Project information

Installation of new ESP at TPP Nikola Tesla B, Block B1, and equipment for continuous air emission measurement of harmful and hazardous substances at TPP Nikola Tesla A and B, as well as elimination and replacement of facilities and devices filled o
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Total Budget: 17,000,000 EUR

EU contribution: 11,000,000 EUR

CO-financing: 6,000,000 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Jul - 2014. Mar
Expected results
  1. Level of emission parameters (SO2, NOx (reduced to NO2), CO, CO2, dust) and operation parameters (temperature, oxygen) of TPPS
  2. Consistency of emissions control at TPPs over a longer period
  3. State of EPS installations and surrounding environment in comparison with EU norms
  4. Number of devices containing PCB destroyed and substituted
  5. Number of devices containing PCB decontaminated and placed back into service
  6. Number of decontaminations of contaminated surrounding facilities
  7. Number of decontaminations of soil and water resources


Target Groups

TPP Nikola Tesla in Obrenovac and citizens of Obrenovac 

Summary of the project

The project is in the field of waste management and air quality protection, one of the first priorities which is one part of the restructuring of environmental protection in EPS, and represents some 70% of the problem of environmental protection in the Republic of Serbia

  1. To contribute to environmental harmonisation and removal of serious health hazards
  2. To fulfil Directive 2001/80/EC  and EU Directive  96/59/EC
  3. To significantly reduce local, regional and trans-boundary air and water pollution, to establish a system for efficient, clean, sustainable and renewable production and consumption of energy

Programme/Project objectives

To fulfil Directive 2001/80/EC for large combustion plants by modernising specified Thermal Power Plants (TPPs), and EU Directive  96/59/EC by decontaminating facilities and replacing equipment using PBD – pyralene oils

More details on project

1. Preparation of Technical Specifications and Tender Dossier for Components 1 & 2

EUR 199,980


2. Supervising Engineer for Emission reduction from Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant in the Republic of Serbia

EUR 1,064,520 


3. Design and Works tender for the Emission Reduction from Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant, Unit B1

The works comprise the upgrade of the Electrostatic Precipitator System which reduces the particulate emissions from TPP TENT B, Unit B1 below LCPD particulate emission limits for a sustained period of time

EUR 7,795,000 

HAMON, Germany, Leader of consortium,

ZK Termochem, Czech Republic, Member of consortium