Official title of the project

Construction of Substation 400/110 kV Vranje-4 & Leskovac-2


Project information

Region / City
Vranje, Leskovac
Total budget of programme / project

Total Budget: 28,000,000 EUR

EU contribution: 15,500,000 EUR

Co-financing: 12,500,000 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Oct - 2014. May
Expected results
  1. Improved stability of electricity supply in Vranje by completing the construction of substation Vranje 4 (400/110 kV).
  2. Extended capacity of the electricity infrastructure in Leskovac by extending the network of substations (introducing 400 kV level)

 Elektromreza Srbije (EMS)

Target Groups

Citizens of Vranje and Leskovac area

Summary of the project

In the Vranje area, electricity supply is both insufficient and unreliable as it consists of two very long and old overhead lines (OHLs 110 kV).  In this region of South-east Serbia, there has been an increase in population accompanied by an increase in local demand for electricity which is met by local distribution facilities (x/0,4 kV level).  If the region’s local industries are to expand and future economic investment promoted, adequate power supply is an absolute necessity. In addition, further increases in electricity demand is anticipated when Corridor X is finalised (Salzburg-Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd-Nis-Skopje-Thessaloniki, particularly when the “C” branch from Nis to Sofia is included). 

This project is part of the southern Serbia electricity development network which will provide improved and reliable power supplies for the region. It will facilitate economic development in southern Serbia by providing power access for investments and economic activities along Corridor 10.

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to energy security in South Serbia by building a new electricity substation at Vranje and extending the capability of the electricity substation at Leskovac. 

More details on project

1. Construction of Substation 400/110 kV Vranje 4, Republic of Serbia

The subject of the contract are the civil and electromechanical design and civil works including supply and installation of equipment and materials such as steel structure, main grid earthing and lightning material, outdoor lighting, HVAC, fire fighting and fire alarm systems according to technical specifications of 400/110 kV Vranje-4 Substation

EUR  3,090,000

 SIEMENS d.o.o.

2.  Construction of Substations 400/110 kV Vranje-4 & Leskovac-2, Lot 1 ''Power Transformers for Leskovac-2 and Vranje-Substations''

EUR  3,419,060


3. Construction of Substations 400/110 kV Vranje-4 & Leskovac-2, Equipment and Materials for 400/110 kV Vranje-4 Substation

Subject of the contract is the detailed design for specific items, manufacture, delivery, testing, commissioning and training for the following supplies: High Voltage Equipment, Relay Protection Control & Monitoring and Metering System, Telecommunications, auxiliary supply and diesel generator set and LV and control cables.

EUR  6,125,940


4. Preparation of Tech Specifications and Tender Dossier, and Supervision for Supply Contract and for Design&Works Contract for Construction of Substations 400/110 kV Vranje-4 & Leskovac-2 and Accompanying Lines in the Republic of Serbia

EUR 2,372,909