Official title of the project

Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency Europe Aid/129768/C/SER/RS; Contract no. 10/SER01/26/21


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Jan - 2012. Jul
Expected results
  • To propose best options for use of geothermal resources in Serbia;
  • To prepare additional feed-in tariffs;
  • To prepare pre-feasibility studies with a clear indication of the economic and financial feasibility of projects;
  • To prepare assessment of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) potentials in Serbia;
  • To identify and elaborate indicative target for increasing the CHP share in Serbian energy sector;
  • To prepare set of measures and incentives for promotion of CHP production;
  • To prepare pre-feasibility studies for CHP production at 3 potential sites/ regions, with a clear indication of the economic and financial feasibility of projects.

Ministry of Mining and Energy of Republic of Serbia


Eptisa (Spain), Mannvit (Iceland), Energy Saving Group (Serbia)

Summary of the project

The project comprises two components: Part A: Study of Geothermal Potential in Serbia consists of the tasks that will be undertaken in order to promote the use of geothermal resources. A total of 4 tasks have to be taken into consideration such as in-depth analysis of the low-temperature geothermal resources that dominate Serbia, review of current policy and accordingly proposal of an Action Plan for Serbia. Based on these outputs the team of experts will propose the options for use of available geothermal potentials for different sectors and final users (district heating, agriculture, power industry, balneology and tourism, etc) with the focus on district heating systems. Particular attention will be paid on the implementation of new technologies that comprise the installation of heat pumps and hybrid biomass-geothermal facilities. Part B: Promotion of CHP generation and energy efficiency aims to increase energy efficiency and improve security of supply by creating a framework for promotion and development of high efficiency cogeneration of heat and power following requirements of Directive 2004/8/EC and taking into account specific national circumstances and economic conditions. The Consultant will firstly review available data and studies on CHP potential and its application in Serbia. In addition, potentials for CHP in Serbia will be analyzed and strategic objectives of Serbia for increasing the share of CHP will be defined. Particularly, the possibilities for conversion of existing heat-only plants (district heating plants, heating plants in public buildings, etc.

Programme/Project objectives

The goal of the project is to contribute to sustainable development in Serbia by enhancing capacities in the energy sector to use renewable energy sources and efficient usage of resources according to EU standards. The purpose of this project is to build the capacity in the energy sector which will lead to the implementation of the rational use of renewable energy sources and CHP production. The project’s team will provide support to the Ministry of Mining and Energy in terms of proposing the best options for use of geothermal resources in Serbia and development of feed-in tariffs for hybrid biomass/geothermal facilities.

Specific objectives

Specific objectives of the project are following:

  • To increase the ability of the beneficiary to get a realistic picture of the potential projects
  • Building the institutional and technical capacities to improve the development of geothermal and CHP projects
  • Raising the awareness of relevant stakeholders with regards to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency prospective in Serbia