Official title of the project

Support Preparation for IPA Component III (PPF4 – Project Preparation Facility 4, IPA 2010)

Project information

To increase the quality of project implementation under the IPA programmes through the provision of support to Strategic Coordinator for IPA III and IV, respective Line Ministries and other agencies in the identification, screening and preparation of
Region / City
Nis, Brestovac, Kraljevo, Brus, Blace, Kragujevac
Total budget of programme / project

Total budget: EUR 4,329,000.00

Implementation period
2011. Feb - 2013. Oct
Expected results

RESULT 1. The existing pipeline of major (above 10 MEUR) high quality and financially viable projects for financing by EU through IPA component III, national and/or IFI/other funding is further developed with full project documentation and tender dossiers.

RESULT 2. Several non-major projects (below 10 MEUR) and/or technical assistance projects for financing by EU through IPA component III, national and/or IFI/other funding are prepared with full tendering documentation.


Serbian European Integration Office

Target Groups

Line Ministries and stakeholders that are part of IPA III Operational structure


Summary of the project

The EU funded “Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance” is to help Serbia meet the challenges of European integration, implement the reforms needed to fulfil EU requirements and prepare for the absorption of full EU structural funds. The IPA instrument consists of five components; (IPA-I) Transition Assistance and Institution Building; (IPA-II) Cross-Border Cooperation component which applies to border regions between beneficiaries from member states, candidate states and countries in pre-accession status; (IPA III, IV and V) Regional, Human Resources and Rural Development components which are planned for candidate countries with the condition to receive Conferral of Management of powers for these components.

The main beneficiaries of the project are the citizens of Serbia, and more specifically the citizens in the cities of Kraljevo, Brus, Blace and Kragujevac and those who will use the railway between Niš and Brestovac in southern Serbia.

The sub-component projects of this project benefit the end users by:

  1. raising environmental standards;
  2. raising the competitiveness of the rail sector; and
  3. encouraging employment through development of a business zone to facilitate SME activity.

In addition, the local administrations within the cities of Kraljevo, Brus, Blace and Kragujevac have benefitted from “hands-on” experience with developing and funding infrastructure investment projects which are eligible for EU co-funding.

Programme/Project objectives

To support the Serbian Administration in the preparation and delivery of effective EU projects in accordance with EU procedures for IPA programming and contracting, and to enhance and reinforce the Serbian capacities in the context of the EU pre-accession process and the management of the IPA.

More details on project

Infrastructure Project Facility - IPF (supported through Multi-Beneficiary IPA within the Western Balkan Investment Initiative) supports preparation of infrastructural projects in area of environment, energy, transport and social infrastructure. The aim of IPF is to prepare bankable projects for further financing by IFIs. IPF has been replaced with the Western Balkan Initiative Framework (WBIF). Like the IPF, the WBIF aims at streamlining existing facilities and pooling resources from the Commission, the partner IFIs, the Member States and other donors, so as to enhance support to the Western Balkans Beneficiaries.