Official title of the project

Project Preparation Facility 5 (PPF 5


Project information

Support and reinforcement of the capacities of the Serbian administration in the preparation for investment projects and improvement of the planning, programming and implementation of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) and support mech
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

7.8M Euro

Implementation period
2012. Nov - 2014. Nov
Expected results
  1. Fully drafted programming documents for IPA 2014/2020.
  2. Government administration dealing with IPA properly trained and aware of possible evolution and changes in the pre-accession instrument.
  3. Financially viable projects for financing by EU pre-accession /accession assistance (and possibly by IFIs and /or other donors) developed and ready for implementation.

National IPA Coordinator, NIPAC Technical Secretariat and Strategic Coordinator – namely the Serbian European Integration Office – Department for coordination of EU funds and international assistance

Target Groups

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- Line Ministries and sector institutions

- Project proponents (Local self-governments, Agencies, CSOs, etc.)

- Donor community

Summary of the project

Project preparation facility is an instrument put at disposal of Serbian administration to support and reinforce its capacities in planning, programming and implementing the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) for its new financial period (2014/2020).

Technical assistance in the drafting of a suitable strategic policy framework and in the preparation of relevant and mature investment projects.

Programme/Project objectives

PPF5 aims:

  1. To support the drafting of strategic and policy framework for pre-accession assistance
  2. To support the creation of mature projects with a full set of project documentation in accordance with EU procedures for programming and procurement rules

More details on project

SIDA/IMG Environmental Infrastructure Support Programme - The programme supports Ministry of Environment and local actors in improving project generation, identification and preparation in the field of solid waste and wastewater.