Official title of the project

Implementation of the European Common Aviation Area


Project information

Technical assistance and training activities Supply of various equipment needed to the better implementation of the agreement
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

2 M Euro

Implementation period
2009. Mar - 2011. Mar
Expected results
  • ECAA requirements fulfilled in accordance with the pace provided for in the Protocol of the Agreement;
  • EU acquis aligned in the area of civil aviation;
  • Strong and fully operational  competent civil aviation authority;
  • Improved environmental performance of the civil aviation sector in the Republic of Serbia.
  • Delievery and isntallation of the following equipment:

1.            Heimann X-ray Tutor 2.0 Professional or equivalent

2.            Standard Test Piece for Conventional X-ray for EDS and EDt

3.            Heimann X-ray with TIP or equivalent;

4.            HHMD with Test Piece or equivalent;

5.            Walk-through MD with Test Piece or equivalent;

6.            Millimetarvawe people screening system TADAR or equivalent.


Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia (CAD)

Summary of the project

On the basis of the National Strategy of the Republic of Serbia for EU Accession, Serbia signed the ECAA Agreement on 29 June 2006. By signing this Agreement, Serbia committed itself to the rapid implementation of EC aviation acquis for the purpose of ensuring high and uniformly applied safety and security standards, consumer rights rules, competition and state aid rules. The Agreement extents the Single European Sky to South-East European Region and facilitates the strengthening of economic and cultural links within Europe. This project is designed to provide assistance to achieve this overall objective.

This project will support the creation of necessary legal framework, implementation of recommendations and best EU practice, as well as implementation of technical and security regulations and establishment of conditions which shall contribute to air transport services improvement and overall economic development of Serbia.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to enable the integration of Serbian civil aviation into the EU aviation system by full implementation of the ECAA Agreement. The project will support the establishment of the regulatory and economic framework for civil aviation in Serbia. Furthermore it will support implementation of European regulations and requirements in the area of Aviation Safety, Aviation Security, Air Traffic Management, Airports, Noise and Aviation Environment Policy.

More details on project

1. Technical Assistance for the implementation of the European Common Aviation Area Agreement in the Republic of Serbia

EUR 1,752,870


2. Supply of security equipment supporting the implementation of ECAA

EUR 220,000