Official title of the project

Improvement of the Penalty System


Project information

Reconstruction works of the security fence (wall) in the Prison of Nis – total length 970 m, average height 6 m. Construction of housing units in the Juvenile detention facility of Krusevac – the works include: civil engineering works, electrical, H
Region / City
Nis, Krusevac
Total budget of programme / project

5 M €

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2013. Aug
Expected results

New accommodation facilities constructed, existing accommodation facilities adapted to European standards, type and necessities of certain categories of inmates made.


Ministry of Justice 

Target Groups

Inmates in Krusevac detention facility and Nis prison 

Summary of the project

Penal sanctions in the Republic of Serbia are executed in 29 correctional facilities. On average, there are a total of 8,500 inmates at these correctional facilities at any given time. The Administration for Execution of Penal Sanctions (AEPS) is the body responsible for these facilities. The AEPS has a task to align Serbia’s penitentiary system to agreed international standards.

Improvement of prison conditions for the inmates by construction of new and reconstruction of existing accommodation facilities, according to EU standards

Programme/Project objectives

Human rights protection in institutions for executions of penal sanctions in Republic of Serbia and enhanced re-socialisation of inmates.

More details on project

1. Technical assistance for the Supervision of works contract for The Administration for enforcement of Criminal Sanctions Nis and Krusevac– Serbia

395,400 EUR 

IRD Engineering


2. Reconstruction works of the security fence (wall) in the Prison in Nis

1,515,536 EUR

Gradina d.o.o