Official title of the project

TA to support implementation of infrastructure projects in the Republic of Serbia - PIUs


Project information

Fourth Project Implementation Unit (PIU) to “Roads of Serbia” , Supervision of Construction of Zezelj Bridge in Novi Sad
Region / City
Belgrade, Novi Sad
Total budget of programme / project

4M Euro

Implementation period
2009. Dec - 2014. Nov

PE "Roads of Serbia"

PE "Serbian Railways"

Target Groups

Citizents of Serbia, City of Novi Sad

Summary of the project

Since 2002 Consulting Services have already been provided in support to the Project Implementation Units (PIUs) of the Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia” and PE “Serbian Railways” through funding by the European Agency for Reconstruction in Serbia.

Programme/Project objectives

Benefits created from this project should assure that the transport system of the Republic of Serbia is compatible with the transport system in the European Union with a tendency towards further modernization.

More details on project

1. 4th Project Implementation Unit to PE "Roads of Serbia"

1,294,880 EUR

HILL International

2. Supervision of the Design & Build Reconstruction Works of Zezelj Bridge in Novi Sad

1,948,100 EUR

DB International