Official title of the project

Access Roads to the Žeželj Bridge


Project information

Construction of access roads to Zezelj Bridge accorss the Danube River in Novi Sad
Region / City
Novi Sad
Total budget of programme / project

5.5 M Euro

Implementation period
2012. Sep - 2015. May
Expected results
  1. Preparatory works for the construction of access roads to the Žeželj Bridge executed in compliance with the construction standards and the best practice.
  2. Executed ground works.
  3. Pavement structure of access roads to the Žeželj bridge as a part of primary road M22-1 constructed and functional.
  4. To provide efficient supervision over the construction works of access roads to the Žeželj Bridge.  

PE "Serbian Railways", City of Novi Sad

Target Groups

City of Novi Sad

Summary of the project

The construction of the new Žeželj bridge is a part of the IPA 2009 National Programme and will cost 60 million Euros, in part financed by the EU (30 M€) with the City of Novi Sad and the Province of Vojvodina providing the contribution the remaining 30 M€.  To complete and integrate this important piece of infrastructure, access ramps for the connecting railway and roads needs to be constructed on both bridge sides. 

The purpose of this project is the construction of access roads on both sides of the Danube to the Žeželj Bridge.  This will improve the flow of road traffic over the bridge and around the access roads and will relieve pressure at this bottleneck.  It will also increase traffic capacity along both the road and railway Corridor X, and improve navigability along Corridor VII, the Danube.

Programme/Project objectives

  • Improved traffic flows along Corridor Xb road & rail crossing of the Danube at Novi Sad
  • Bottleneck on Corridor VII Danube at Novi Sad removed
  • Capacity of the Corridor Xb road & rail crossing over the Danube at Novi Sad increased;
  • Reduction in the number of incidents / accidents associated with the temporary bridge over the Danube (Corridor VII) at Novi Sad.

More details on project

Supervision of Works for Construction of Zezelj Bridge Access Roads

369,700 EUR