Official title of the project

Modernisation of the Customs System


Project information

Technical Assistance to the Customs Administration of Serbia to Support the Modernisation of the Customs Systems Support the modernization of public administration ensuring the protection of fiscal and financial interests of the Republic of Serbia,
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

1.960.250 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Nov - 2015. Feb
Expected results
  1. The project will bring to CAS  the NCTS compatible national transit application  and necessary Guarantee Management System, in line with Common Transit Convention rules and NCTS requirements;
  2. The project will bring to CAS  control procedures in line with EU Risk Management System  through the implementation of IT  Risk Management System, which will be used for transit procedure as well as for other customs procedures;
  3. The project will bring to CAS  IT system for registration of  Authorized Economic Operator certificates (AEO), the development of internal instructions for granting AEO certificates and an implementation of training programme for the customs staff to become aware of procedures to be adopted and actions to be taken for issuing and maintaining AEO certificates;
  4. The project will carry out a feasibility study in order to set priorities to improve the Serbian customs control procedures and methodology applicable to Transport by rail, river and air.


Target Groups

Customs Administration – customs officers

Customs Administration – risk analysts

Business Community – Traders, Transporters, Forwarders, Principals

Summary of the project

Accession to the EU is the strategic goal of Serbia which entails acceptance of the EU standards in the fields of protection of internal market’s financial interests and efficiant external boarder control.  One of the preconditions for EU accession is implementation of NCTS for common transit and in future for Community transit. In May 2009 Serbia was granted the status of informal observer in the Joint Committee of Convention on a Common Transit Procedure.

The objective of Serbia is to simplify the border crossing formalities in transit and increase the security of transit procedure. With the shift of EU boarders to Balkan countries the impact on the capacities of border crossings and customs services fell on the countries with the status of EU candidate or potential candidate.

In the fields of trade facilitation, improvement of risk management procedures, controls and tools, aligned with EU Risk Framework,   are required and presumed.

In addition for the trade facilitation, implementation of business processes and strengthening capacities to issue/use/maintain AEO certificates for simplified procedures are required.

The use of electronic transit declaration and electronic communication between traders - customs and customs – customs will lead to improvement of business processes, cost reduction on traders site and implementation of simplified procedures will have a positive impact on business community;

Increase use of simplified procedures in transit will reduce the traders costs and will bring more efficiency to core customs business;

Open, competitive Trader market in transit procedure will lead to better services, increase competition and service price reduction;

Controlled electronic environment and use of Risk Management System will cause higher work efficiency of customs authorities and reduction of frauds and corruption;

Opening financial guarantee

Programme/Project objectives

  1. The overall objective of the project is to support the modernization of public administration ensuring the protection of fiscal and financial interests of the Republic of Serbia, facilitation of legitimate trade and protection of society.
  2. Furthermore, a main objective is further support to Serbian customs administration (CAS) in the implementation of the EU standards and practices. Project aims to provide technical assistance support to CAS to strengthen the administrative and operational capacity of the Serbian customs authorities and economic operators (Traders)  with the aim to meet  the EU requirements in the following areas: NCTS- New Computerized Transit System, AEO -Authorized Economic Operators, Risk Management.
  3. Serbia to join the EU-EFTA Convention on a Common Transit Procedure and Convention on Simplification on Formalities in Trade in Goods. 
  4. CAS to define strategic initiative for paperless society by implementing e-customs projects, starting with NCTS and other within the scope of this project.

More details on project

Contractor: SAGA, d.o.o, Serbia in Consortium with AQUASOFT spol s.r.o and KOMIX s.r.o  from Czech Republic

Project Manager: Ljiljana Đokić