Official title of the project

Harmonization of the Serbian Customs Enforcement Division with the Standards, Organization and Operational Methodology of EU Enforcement Agencies


Project information

Region / City
Belgrade, Serbia
Total budget of programme / project

EU Contribution: 8,900,000 EUR

Co-financing: 4,400,000 EUR

Implementation period
2009. Apr - 2014. Apr
Expected results

1. Training UNODC

Improved overall training programme of the Enforcement Division.

6 or more trainers trained in 7 or more modules for theoretical training seminars

6 or more trainers trained in approximately 17 modules for specialized workshops

Approximately 150 trained enforcement officers in all  modules for theoretical training seminars by project completion

150 or more trained enforcement officers in relevant modules for specialized workshops by project completion

 At least 4 Customs Houses equipped with training tools

Technical Specifications for supply component drafted


2.  Twinning "Risk Analysis and Risk Management and Post Clearance Audit"

a) Appropriate techniques for systematic risk identification and implementation to limit exposure to risks in accordance with national strategies and based on EU best practices have been put in place.

b) An effective system of post-clearance control and audit service that allows the customs administration to better implement its tasks (clearance and control of goods, revenue collection) and to facilitate balancing increasingly free trade with an efficient customs control system.

3. Twinning "Tax and Revenue Collection Systems”

Acquis aligned tax legislation in place and staff trained which contributes to reducing tax evasion and to increasing revenue collection by the Customs Administration (excises and VAT at importation).

4. Supply of Equipment

Efficient and effective border control systems are established through the provision of equipment to combat international terrorism and to substantially reduce smuggling, counterfeiting and other customs offences.



Customs Administration of Serbia

Target Groups

- Staff of Customs Administration of Serbia

- Staff of Tax Administration of Serbia

- Business community, companies, exporters, spedition/transport agents.

Summary of the project

This project directly contributes to the fulfilment of the Serbian short-term priorities as defined in the European Partnership 2007, in the section on Regional issues and international obligations (page 9) highlights the importance of implementing agreements with neighbouring countries on cross-border cooperation, the fight against organized crime, trafficking and smuggling, border management and the environment. 


The project  overall objective, project purpose, results and activities are  linked with the priorities of national sectoral strategies as well as with the export Promotion Strategy 2008-2011 and the the Integrated Border Management Strategy.

Strengthening the enforcement capacity of the Customs Administration of Serbia will have a direct impact on the prevention and combating of all forms of illegal activities in the Republic of Serbia and cross-border. Due to the fact that Serbia has a very sensitive geopolitical position and represents a transit route for smuggling different types of goods and persons towards Europe, the project realization will have a comparable, although indirect, impact on the EU.

Considering the connection between combating fraud and the gray economy, it is clear that the second indirect impact will relate primarily to raising the level of economic development in the Republic of Serbia, and subsequently in the whole region.

 This project will contribute to enabling the Republic of Serbia to establish open, but secure borders through efficient border control and management systems, based on EU best experience and practices.

Programme/Project objectives

The project aims to support and build up the capacity of the Serbian Customs Administration by capacity and institution building as well as by the installation Radiation monitor systems and other necessary equipment, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of border control systems such as the means of preventing and combating international terrorism, smuggling, counterfeiting, and other customs offences, while also ensuring a higher level of environmental safety in Serbia.

More details on project
  • Harmonization of the Serbian Customs Enforcement Division with the Standards, Organization and Operational Methodology of EU Enforcement Agencies 08SER01/06/11 (contribution agreement with UNODC), €440,000
  • Harmonization of the Serbian Customs Enforcement Division with the Standards, Organization and Operational Methodology of the EU Enforcement Agencies; Component 3 – Risk Analysis and Risk Management and Post Clearance Audit (SR 08 IB FI 01) (08/SER01/06/21) MS: France, €1,399,640.58 


  • Harmonization of the Serbian Customs Enforcement Division with the standards, organization and operational methodology of the EU enforcement agencies - Component 4 - Twinning on Tax and Revenue Collection Systems” (SR 08 IB FI 02) (08/SER01/06/31) MS: Italy, €1,400,000.00 


  • Supply of Radiation Portal Monitors and All Weather Clothing / Footwear for Customs Administration Service (08/SER01/06/41, supply contract, contractor: Dat-Con d.o.o., Slovenia, €661,000.00