Official title of the project

Alignment with the European Statistical System (ESS)

Project information

Serbian Statistical System upgraded and strengthened in terms of improved availability, quality, comparability and timeliness of statistical data according to the European Statistical System approximation process requirements.
Region / City
Belgrade Serbia
Total budget of programme / project

Total budget: 39,86 million EUR

EU Contributiion: 24,000,000.00 € (60, 21 %)

Co-financing: 15,859,249.45 € (39, 79 %)

Implementation period
2011. Jul - 2015. Jul
Expected results
  • Population, households and housing data collected, analyzed and disseminated;
  • List of households with agricultural production drafted;
  • Farm register (with key agricultural statistical variable) provided;
  • Data sources for National Accounts upgraded (through the Input-output survey);
  • First Supply and Use Tables provided (through the Input-output survey).

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (SORS)

Target Groups


- Governmental institutions and policy makers;

- Population;

- Entrepreneurs;

- Family holdings;

- Companies;

- Academic environment and researchers;

- Mass media and pu

Summary of the project

Beside the basic question “How many of us is there”, census is providing answer on question “Who we are”, in the relations of age, sex, education, activity, occupation and other characteristics, as well as answer on the question “Where and how do we live”, in the light of information on type of the dwelling, equipment of the dwelling with basic installations of water, electricity, etc. Answers on those questions provide numeric frame of the population, which is the base of efficient planning, development of economic, social, population, agrarian, etc. politics, as well as administrative activities and science researches.

Since agriculture represents a very important component of the total economy in Serbia, the data obtained through the agricultural census are the backbone for the future planning and development of this sector. Realisation of this project will accelerate overall agriculture development, institutional development and increased absorption capacity for EU funds. Also, AC data will have influence on economic developments as well as on local and national decision-making about: competitive market pricing, farm services, transportation and marketing locations, rural tourism and relating activities development, environmental and conservations issues, farming trends, production practices, new and changing technologies and many other key issues facing population from local communities.

Improvement of data sources needed for the compilation of National Accounts will have positive impact regarding quality and consistency of National Accounts system of Serbia and increase reliability and precision of calculations of GDP and estimates other macroeconomic aggregates. It will improve decision making process in all areas in which statistical and national accounting data are used (economic and structural policy making, regional development, economic analysis and modeling etc.). Project results will enable SOR

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective

The overall objective of the Action is the alignment of the national statistical system with the European Statistical System (ESS). The alignment will facilitate and improve the data comparability at national, regional and international level due to the type of data collected but also the moment of collection. The Action will contribute consequently to strengthen the implementation of the national strategies targeting different sectors and stakeholders: regional development, agriculture, employment, adult education, ageing, disabled persons, etc.


Specific Objectives

The specific objective is to improve the Serbian Statistical System by increasing the number and the quality of the statistical data collected by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

  • Population census conducted
  • Agricultural census conducted and Farm Register set up
  • National Accounts Survey conducted (Input-output survey).