Official title of the project

Modernisation of Tax Administration

Project information

Modernisation and strengthenig of the institutional capacities of the Serbian Tax Administration
Region / City
Belgrade, Serbia
Total budget of programme / project

EU Contribution: 9,47M EUR

Co-financing: 7,60M EUR

Implementation period
2013. May - 2015. Jul
Expected results

Design and implementation of efficient IT support systems for

  1. the tax collection function
  2.  the financial and material accounting management
  3.  tracking of the cases in detection of tax criminal offences, their perpetrators and accomplices
  4. a HR system
  5. an Internet portal that will provide effective services to taxpayers via Internet  

Ministry of Finance and Economy, Serbian Tax Administration

Target Groups

- Staff of Serbian Tax Administration

-  Tax Payers of Serbia

Summary of the project

One of the main elements  of tax reforms in Serbia, is to introduce a modern, advanced tax systems in line with systems in EU Member States and  other OECD countries. The establishment of the efficient tax administration in line with the EU standards requires further modernisation and strengthening of institutional capacities, both in the tax administration itself and in other organisations and bodies involved in the management of the tax system. The emphasis is on the improvement of business processes; upgrading of technical infrastructure; improving the knowledge and skills of the employees, as well as improvement of the services that are being provided for the taxpayers and citizens.

At a wider level improvement of business processes, upgrading of technical infrastructure and improvement of services provided by the STA will have a positive impact on taxpayers and citizens.

Additionally, the Project will help in ensuring stability and in increasing long-term economic growth, notable through measures dedicated to fight against tax evasion and frauds. This will create a business-friendly environment that generates employment and leads to a rationalized but more efficient public sector.

Programme/Project objectives

This project aims to increase tax collection capacity of the Serbian Tax Administration in order that it becomes client-oriented and efficient in the management of human resources according to EU best EU practices.

The first component is set up with the main objective to support the modernization of the STA by providing technical assistance to design efficient IT systems that meets EU standards and at the same time strengthens the STA’s institutional capacities in collection of taxes. The second component is to implement an efficient and modern IT support system that meets the EU standards and at the same time strengthens the institutional capacities in the area of human resources management, while the third component of this project is to support the implementation of systems for the tax collection function, financial and material accounting management, dealing with tax evasion cases, adequate reporting and an internet portal to provide service to taxpayers

More details on project

Technical assistance

Service contract 1

Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Serbian Tax Administration by TA to design an efficient system for the tax collection function and efficient financial and material accounting management - €1.980.500

The Consortium comprises the following organisations:

- ComTrade IT Solutions and Services d.o.o. – Serbia (Leader of Consortium)

- Uni Systems Information Technology S.A. – Greece

- ComTrade programske reštive d.o.o. – Slovenia

- S.C. Siveco Romania SA - Romania

Sevice contract 2

Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Serbian Tax Administration by TA to design a Human Resources Management system - €1.9 M

Service contract 3

TA for the Implementation of System for the Modernisation of the Serbian Tax Administration - €3.42M