Official title of the project

Police reform and migration management


Project information

Development of police human resources ; fight against irregular migration and strengthening migration management
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU Contribution: 3,910,000 EUR

National Co-financing: 200, 000 EUR 

Implementation period
2013. Jan - 2016. Dec
Expected results

- All required legal framework and procedures for the functioning of a modern HRM system adopted and implemented.

- Units restructured and supported in line with HRM strategic documents, including by  new HR IT system

- Modern HRM procedures and practices promoted and implemented throughout the Ministry and Police Service, in line with the relevant HRM international standard.

- Central database on foreigners operational for the purposes of the MoI and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as for the external users;

- Diplomatic – consular mission officers and border police officers use new skills to detect potential irregular migrants, counterfeited documents and abuse of working permits

- System for monitoring foreigners with departure orders operational


Ministry of Interior

Target Groups

Ministry of Interior

Border police

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Serbian consular representations

Summary of the project

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has embarked upon developing a comprehensive strategy for its overall reform, identifying modernisation of its Human Resources Management (HRM) as one of the priorities. This project should align MoI with the central government public administration reform process, as envisaged by the EU integration strategy. It should secure that all required legal frameworks and internal procedures for the functioning of a modern HRM are adopted and implemented – including a revision of the Law on Police 2005; that modern organisational units are restructured and supported in line with HRM strategic documents and supported by new HR IT system and that modern HRM procedures and practices are promoted and implemented throughout the Ministry and Police Service.

Serbia is facing numerous challenges in the area of management of migration flows. As a consequence of visa liberalization, the number of irregular migrants and asylum seekers in Serbia from the Far and Middle East and North Africa has significantly increased. Enhancing border management and migrations management has been recognised as priority in national and EU strategic documents.

Programme/Project objectives

Strengthening institutions in the area of justice, freedom and security in line with EU Acquis through police reform and migration management, specifically:

1. Development of overall institutional capacity to manage the HR system effectively and efficiently;

2. Management of migration through effective policies and coordination procedures.

More details on project

In 2010, the MoI in cooperation with Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (and the OSCE Mission to Serbia as implementing agent) conducted an assessment of requirements relating to further modernisation and upgrade of HR functions within the MoI.

With funding from SIDA, a large, first stage preparatory reform project is underway with the following objectives: drafting of a Strategy for HRM, significant awareness raising and basic introductory HRM training courses, and an introduction to relevent international HRM standards. The project will be conducted between  September 2012 to mid 2013