Official title of the project

TV Docudrama Sisters


Project information

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Implementation period
2010. Jun - 2011. Apr
Expected results

Support the process of introducing the necessary political changes, especially in the sphere of human rights. Since the domestic feature TV programs have the highest ratings, Monte Royal expects a large audience of the program "SISTERS" (about two million people in Serbia). Increased awareness of the general public, not only of the existence of this problem, but also how it can endanger not only risk groups but also all categories of the population. Opportunity for exploitation of this program in the countries in the region sharing the same problem, and information of general public of EU of the problem of human trafficking in the Balkans. TV drama "Sisters" may be shown on numerous TV festivals in the country and the world. This way it would be provided durability and the impact of the project.


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Summary of the project

Under the project title “Sisters” Monte Royal seeks to raise awareness about human trafficking among vulnerable groups, relevant stakeholders and the public, through the production of a TV docudrama. Based on true events and real-life stories, the documentary will be aired on a national broadcaster and will be accompanied with an extensive information campaign in media.

Programme/Project objectives

Raise awareness among general public about the problem of human trafficking, as a form of modern slavery through the production of docudrama. Reducing the factors of risk and vulnerability to the problem. Enhancing the knowledge of groups at risk about the measures of caution that can be applied in order to reduce the risk of human trafficking (education of youth and other at-risk groups)

Specific objectives

To support the respect of the basic human rights, which is important aspect in the process of Serbia’s EU integration. The film targets the young people, and deals with their future and prospects, but also the problem of poverty as usually the poorest strata of population fall prey to such criminal groups’ activities, which are also important social issues to deal with for all countries in the EU family. To attract widest, largest and most diverse possible audience, especially at-risk groups (people with a lower standard of living, people that go abroad searching for a "better future", refugees and displaced persons, children under the social protection program), through dramatization of the real life stories of human trafficking victims, and to use the film as a powerful warning to others who find themselves tempted by the promises of riches abroad.