Official title of the project

Capacity building of the Directorate for Confiscated Property and improving the system of Criminal Asset Confiscation Improving Border Control Standards


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EUR 2,500,000

Implementation period
2010. Apr - 2012. Jul
Expected results

Legal framework developed in cooperation with relevant partner institutions, in line with EU/international standards and implemented through multi-agency cooperation

2. The Directorate for Confiscated Property Management and Financial Investigation Institutions utilise proven methodologies and procedures for investigation, estimation of the value of the seized assets, seizure and management of criminal assets. 

3. Specific seizure and management of criminal assets measures and operational protocols for the exchange of information between Directorate for Confiscated Property Management, Unit for financial investigation of Ministry of interior and other relevant institutions developed and implemented.

4. Citizens are aware of the importance and efficiency of the mechanism of the search, seizure, management and confiscation of criminal assets in the process of fight against organized crime and corruption and they are supporting those measures. 


Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice

Target Groups

Directorate for seizure of assets, ministry of justice and Financial investigation unit

Summary of the project

A functioning assets recovery system able to seize the proceeds from crime is the effective way to fight the organized crime since it strikes at the financial resources of the criminal groups

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to democracy and the rule of law by suppressing organized crime and corruption in accordance with EU/international standards and MONEYVAL/GRECO recommendations for the Republic of Serbia.