Official title of the project

Dokumentary series Danube region: Fast forward


Project information

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Implementation period
2010. Jun - 2011. Apr
Expected results

Production of 10 episodes 30 minute documentary series DANUBE REGION: FAST FORWARD focusing on perspectives and examples of past and future regional-level cooperation of the countries in the Danube river basin. The series will be broadcasted to the Serbian audiences by RTV Vojvodina and TRV B92 Info


Playground production

Summary of the project

Ten episodes of a TV documentary series “Danube region: Fast forward” aims at showing to the general public of Serbia the benefits and potential of regional development and co-operation of Danube basin countries. The series till tackle different aspects of life and society along the Danube and stretches of the Rhine between Rotterdam and Constantia in Romania. With strong input from the Vojvodina stakeholders, Playground intends to reach wide audience by broadcasting the documentary on TV Vojvodina.

Programme/Project objectives

Contribution to better understanding of the EU and European Integration process by the general public in Serbia. Presenting in timely and professional manner information to the Serbian public about advantages and capacities of political, economic, and social and regional-level cooperation with Danube river basin countries

Specific objectives

Production of high quality documentary geared toward emphasizing to the public the obvious strategic advantages and perspectives of the regional initiative within the EU, the EU Strategy for the Danube region, however, other aspects, like social issues, environment, energy, science and culture has also found its place in the documentary, which has a strong informative and educational purpose. Increase public support and reinforce the government commitment to take an active part in all activities under the framework of the Danube strategy, conducive to the improvement of regional cooperation and economic and development.