Official title of the project

Ash Disposal System at Thermal Power Plant NIKOLA TESLA B

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

29,080,218 EUR

EU Contribution : 28,000,000 EUR

Implementation period
2007. Mar - 2010. Oct
Expected results

New ash disposal system designed, constructed and put in operation.


Electric Power Industry of Serbia – EPS, Thermal Power Plant Nikola tesla B, Obrenovac

Target Groups

Municipality of Obrenovac and population around thermal power plant

Summary of the project

Following a decade of under investment in power plant upgrades and maintenance, some thermal power plants were unable to meet EU and Serbian environmental legal requirements. Air pollution, poor water quality and waste problems are highlighted and, in particular, their threat to local public health.  It is widely accepted that the lignite-fired power plants operated by EPS contribute to environmental and public health problems currently experienced within Serbia.

The project assisted Serbia and Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) in reducing air pollution and water quality by creating new ash disposal system that will contribute to public health.

Programme/Project objectives

The purpose of this contract was to construct a new ash disposal system for the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) at Nikola Tesla B Power Station, 2 x 620MW lignite fired power station at Obrenovac. The present ash transport and disposal system uses a technology that mixes 10 parts of water to one part of ash, which results in serious environmental problems from the ash dump, with heavy metals from the ash leaching into both the water table and the nearby River Sava, and fine particles of ash blowing over the town of Obrenovac and its surroundings. Both of these problems were addressed by the project, which resulted in a change in the ash handling and ash transport technology to a so called ‘thick slurry’ system using only one part of water to one part of ash. 

More details on project

Name:  Works Contract under FIDIC

Ash Disposal System at Thermal Power Plant NIKOLA TESLA B

Budget: EUR 28 m


Name:  Service Contract

Supervising Engineer for Ash Disposal System at Thermal Power Plant NIKOLA TESLA B

Budget: EUR 2 m

Energoinvest, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina