Official title of the project

Capacity Building for the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

1,500,000 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Jun - 2013. Dec
Expected results

Result 1:               Upgraded price regulation capacity of AERS

Result 2:               Strengthened capacity of AERS related to national energy markets

Result 3:               Strengthened capacity of AERS related to regional energy markets and cooperation at the regional level

Result 4:               Upgraded regulatory framework related to smart meter roll- out and quality of supply

Result 6:               Enhanced organizational and management capacity of the AERS

Result 5:               Upgraded capacity of AERS related to renewable energy sources


Serbian Energy Regulatory Agency (AERS)

Target Groups

Serbian Energy Regulatory Agency

Stakeholders in the energy sector

Summary of the project

Taking into consideration ten years of delay in the liberalization of the energy sector compared with other SEE countries, Serbia achieved a remarkable advance in adjusting its legal framework (Energy Law adopted in 2004, Energy Development Strategy, secondary legislation), institutional framework (establishment and full operation of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia and Energy Efficiency Agency) and industry structure (unbundling of the electricity and natural gas incumbents) to EU standards.

Significant workload remains on Serbian institutions related to the full transposition and implementation of the “Third Package” of the energy acquis, which is an obligation derived from the Energy Treaty.

 In order to introduce market mechanisms and competition in energy supply, and to attract the necessary foreign investment in the Serbian energy sector, it is vital that a stable and transparent regulatory regime is established. To that effect, for the purpose of regulating energy markets, the Energy Law allocated wide‑ranging responsibilities to AERS, with respect to price regulation, licensing, market surveillance and dispute settlement.


Programme/Project objectives

The twinning project shall contribute to mitigation of the following needs of AERS:

·         continuous improvement of regulatory practices in the areas of price regulation, quality of supply, energy market monitoring and regional regulatory cooperation in line with best EU regulatory practice and development of the energy market to more complex forms

·         implement existing AERS operating procedures and further develop AERS performance and knowledge base related to security of supply and renewable energy sources

-         adjust the AERS organisation to the demands arisen from expanded regulatory competencies (amendments to the Energy Law; amendments to the Treaty Establishing the Energy Community) and more mature energy markets

More details on project

Twinning Contract

Name:  Capacity Building for the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia

Budget: EUR 1.5 M

Regulatory Office for Network Industries (RONI), Slovakia