Official title of the project

Capacity Building and Technical Support for the Renewal of Viticulture Zoning and for the System of Designation for Wine with Geographical Indications


Project information

Region / City
Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis
Total budget of programme / project

EU Contribution € 850,000

Co-financing € 50,000

Implementation period
2011. Jan - 2013. May
Expected results
  1. The MAFWM, the Control organisation and Stakeholders have sustainable capacities for implementing the System of Designations for Wine with Geographical Indications.
  2. Relevant data for Viticulture Zoning collected, analyzed and processed and maps of viticulture areas created.
  3. Serbian regulations related to Viticulture Zoning and System of Designations for Wine with Geographical Indications in accordance with regulations of EU and OIV (the International Organization for Vine and Wine), created and adopted

Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM)

Target Groups

List all target groups including end users

  • Staff of Ministry
  • Staff of Agriculture Faculties
  • Staff of Institute for soil
  • Staff of Center for Viticulture and Wine Production

Summary of the project

The aim of this Twinning Project is to strengthen vine-growing and wine-producing sector in Serbia through the harmonization with EU standards. Support the wine sector is one of the main ways to encourage and support the development of rural areas. This project can contribute directly towards improving the situation in the wine sector, especially by establishing new Viticulture Zoning that will be helpful for farmers and wine producers, who produce specific and geographical typical wines.

In order to achieve recognition, quality improvement and control of Serbian wines, it is necessary to renew Viticulture Zoning. It is also necessary to keep a full and strong control of production of wine with geographical indications by chosen, trained and technically supported organization for control (Control organization) that would exclusively control the production of grapes and wine with designation of geographical indications.

  1. This project will create the base for permanent functioning of the System of Designation for Wine with Geographical Indications completely aligned with EU.
  2. The most important vineyards are widely scattered over the hilly regions with favourable agro-ecological conditions for quality vine growing and wine production. This is a great potential for Serbian agriculture, but also for the development of rural areas through promotion of local agro-food and other products.
  3. The wine producers remaining in the rural areas will constitute the main pillars of wine tours around Serbia vineyard regions.

Programme/Project objectives

This project has 3 main aims:

  1. Improve sustainable capacities for implementing the System of Designations for Wine with GIs and Viticulture Zoning
  2. Collection and analysis of data for Viticulture Zoning
  3. Setting up of a System of designation for Wine with GIs and identification of new system for Viticulture Zoning