Official title of the project

Strengthening the European Integration Process and management of post 2013 IPA


Project information

Supporting Serbian administration to meet conditions for Decentralised Management of EU financial assistance
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

11,840,000 EUR

Implementation period
-0001. Nov - -0001. Nov
Expected results

Result 1: Support to a number of accession-related actions of various actors and preparation of project documentation in order to meet specific and urgent needs identified in the course of  pre-accession and negotiation processes and management of projects. Ensured support to the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue ;

Result 2: Ensured improvement in the institutional and financial management capabilities and quality of services provided by key players involved in the management of pre-accession assistance;

Result 3: A road map for the waiver of ex ante controls under Decentralised Management System is prepared.


Serbian European Integration Office

Line ministry units and public institutions associated with Decentralised Management System for EU funds

Local administrations

Republic Geodetic Authority

Target Groups

- Staff of the Serbian Office for EU Integration

- Serbian administration involved in the management of EU assistance and in prospective accession negotiations

Summary of the project

The pre-accession period and accession negotiations require an increasing number of competent civil servants and EU knowledge in judicial, economic and political matters. Administrative structures and management systems which meet the requirements of the acquis communautaire are also necessary. This envelope will cover a series of demand-driven requests for twinning and technical assistance, as well as support measures related to urgent political needs that may arise from the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. 

The conferral of management for Decentralised Management of the five components of IPA is expected by mid-2013.  At the same time it is important to start preparations for the new financial perspective 2014-2020, in order to ensure that Serbia has a fully accredited and functioning Decentralised Management System and the necessary tools to manage EU’s financial assistance  autonomously. The project supports the National Authorising Officer (NAO)/National Fund (NF) and other services dealing with IPA components I-V with hand-on support in preparing and implementing all the activities required to ensure compliance with the accreditation criteria.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective is to assist the Serbian administration to effectively manage EU integration and pre-accession assistance in order to speed up preparations for EU membership.

Specific objectives of the project include effective and efficient management and absorption of EU pre-accession funds and strengthened technical and administrative capacity of the Serbian administration in relation to the European Integration process

More details on project

Technical assistance to the National Fund in preparation for IPARD, financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) represented by International Management Group (IMG).