Official title of the project

Implementation of Strategy for Fight Against Drugs


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

1.5 mil EUR

Implementation period
2012. Oct - 2014. Jul
Expected results
  • Institutional, administrative and professional capacities at all level of Serbian Administrations and Public Services concerned with the drug demand and supply reduction strengthened.
  • Communication, co-ordination and co-operation amongst all those involved in drug demand and supply reduction enhanced.
  • Strengthening the legal framework in drug control, suppressing, analysis and monitoring of drug supply.
  • Procedures developed for handling confiscated drugs and narcotic substances.
  • Steps required to fulfill standards developed
  • Improved activities of relevant institutions
  • System for gathering and analysis information from the supply side upgraded (drug markets, drug crime, purity, prices, seizures) in line with European Monitoring Center for drugs and drug addiction (EMCDDA)
  • Increasing capacity in profiling procedures, joint operations of forensic and criminal police units.
  • Increased capacities in the field of analysis of synthetic drugs and Early warning system, on new drugs, which is not established yet.
  • Relevant employees of MoH, MoI / Police and other state control and inspection services trained by project in the fields: investigation of drug crime, safety and security aspects of the handling of drugs within the drug crime prosecution, discovery of drug crime, investigation/ evidence collection, prosecution, international cooperation in the prosecution of drug crime, procedures for legal import, export, and transit of narcotic drugs, regime for medicines containing narcotic and psychotropic substances
  • Number of successful drug control prosecutions and operations increased within two years of project.
  • Comprehensive report on drug prevention activities at national level prepared by month 12 of project.
  • Capacity of Serbia to implement and evaluate prevention activities increased.
  • Selected key indicators of European Monitoring Center for drugs and drug addiction (EMCDDA) (drug use in a population, drug-related mortality and treatment of drug users) strengthened, expert base trained, pilot studies planned and/or implemented.
  • Public knowledge of Fight Against Drugs significantly raised by project end if we compare it with the situation at the beginning of project given in the report by the key expert.
  • Significant increase in cooperation between relevant actors in Fights against Drugs.
  • The capacity to formulate and implement Serbian national drug policy increased.
  • The legislative and organizational framework of drug prevention in Serbia strengthened.

Ministry of Interior


Twinning partners Germany and Czech Republic

Target Groups

Ministry of Interior and Serbian Police Forces, Ministry of Heath, Institute of Public Health

Summary of the project

  • The twinning project follows the balanced approach which is the gold standard in drug policy. With balanced approach it is intended an approach  across all levels of government, between supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction strategies, between preventing use and harms, and facilitating access to treatment. In this context, the term 'balance' is sometimes used as shorthand for ensuring that investment is weighted towards where there is evidence of the most harm
  • A permanent coordinating governmental body, working on a day to day base on drug supply and demand reduction is good practice in EU member states and should be considered for Serbia
  • A Monitoring Center for drug and drug addiction is in place in every EU member state country to deliver evidence to steer the national drug strategy and policy. Additionally it works as the national linkage to the EMCDDA. Serbia shall consider founding such an institution.

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to protection of health and security of Serbia by implementing the Strategy and the Action Plan on Drugs 2009-2013 in line with the “EU Drugs Action Plan for 2009-2012.

Specific objectives

Specific objective is to upgrade the system for the prevention of drug abuse and to fight production, trafficking and distribution of drugs in Serbia in accordance with EU standards.

More details on project

EMCDDA has launched in 2012 the IPA 4 program for IPA beneficiaries (total amount for all countries involved 900.000 Euros). The aim is to support IPA beneficiaries in their preparation for participation in the work of the EMCDDA and REITOX network

UNODC has smaller programs for western Balkans programs with focus on treatment (TREATNET)