Official title of the project

Strengthening the Capacities of Law Enforcement and Judiciary in the Fight against Corruption in Serbia


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

1,056,968.64 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Oct - 2015. Feb
Expected results

Result 1: Strengthened capacities to investigate and adjudicate corruption offences

1.1 Risk analysis available assessing all legislative and organisational obstacles to efficient criminal investigations and proceedings and provide recommendations and assistance for improvement of internal procedures and tools (including information of public on results);

1.2. Strengthened capacities of law enforcement and judiciary through multidisciplinary trainings and specialized courses to judiciary, prosecutorial services and law enforcement officers on corruption, economic crime cases, accounting and auditing; and through available training curricula of relevant institutions;

1.3. Available newly introduced techniques (IT tools and possibly use of data base) and strategic capacities of prosecutorial services to investigate corruption and white collar crime;

1.4. Specialised undercover agents those that use special investigative means (SIMs) from law enforcement structures in charge of cooperating with prosecutorial services;

1.5 Increased public awareness and trained journalists on reports concerning allegations pertaining corruption cases and their adjudication;

Result 2: Strengthened capacities to fight corruption within the justice sector

2.1.  Available risk analysis and recommendations on the current situation with regard to possibilities and actual extent of corruption within the judiciary, prosecution and law enforcement;

2.2. Introduced ethical rules/implementation guidelines and with regards Judicial, Prosecutorial and Law Enforcement Codes of Conduct/Ethics to organisational aspects (including selection/appointment proce¬dures);

2.3. Available opinions and advice on implementation to the High Judicial Council and State Prosecutors Council with regard to disciplinary rules and measures against ethical violations from judges and prosecutors when construed as corruptive practices/allegations;

2.4. Trained judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers on aspects of detecting corruption and controlling conflict of interests within those structures.


Ministry of Justice and Public Administration  

Target Groups

Ministry of Justice (MoJ); Ministry of Interior, High Judicial Council, State Prosecutorial Council, The Republican Prosecutor’s Office, Courts, Judicial Academy, Police Academy

Summary of the project

The EU funded project supports the implementation of the recommendations made in annual Commission Progress Reports referring to the fight against corruption in Serbia. The Reports of the Commission, but also those of the Council of Europe's GRECO mechanisms state that the Serbian criminal legislation provides a sound basis for the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption offences. However, its effectiveness in practice needs to be increased, specifically: 

  • to secure convictions not only for petty bribery, but also high-level corruption in the public sector;
  • need to remain alert to related problems, other than traditional bribery, such as trading in influence and corruption in the private sector. 


The project key messages are that there needs to be increased capacity for the application of the rule of law through the implementation of institutional reforms aimed at preventing and combating corruption.

In order to achieve this goal, there need to be institutional capacities to investigate and adjudicate corruption offences, within the police, the prosecution and among the judges.

Furthermore, corruption in society in general cannot be prevented and repressed if the mechanisms to fight corruption within the justice sector are not strengthened. 

Programme/Project objectives

To strengthen the capacities of law enforcement agencies and judiciary to detect, investigate, prosecute and adjudicate corruption cases.

More details on project
  •  Contribution agreement
  • Budget: EUR 1,056,968.64 EUR

Brief summary of the project: support to the relevant enforcement institutions for increased ability of Serbia to investigate and adjudicate corruption and economic crime offences.