Official title of the project

Support for Improvement of the Living Conditions of Forced Migrants and Closure of Collective Centres

Project information

Reintegration through provision of housing solutions and additional services for refugees and IDPs, closure of collective centres
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

17,150,000 EUR

EU Contribution: 15,200,000 EUR

National Co-financing: 1,300,000 EUR

Private contribution : 650,000

Implementation period
2014. Jan - 2016. Jan
Expected results
  1. Remaining CCs closed through the provision of housing solutions
  2. Economic self-reliance of all three categories through delivery of small grants for work, craft and agriculture activities
  3. Measures leading to better social inclusion of returnees under the Readmission Agreements (language lessons, additional teaching of pupils, psychosocial support) in 12 Local Action Plans supported
  4. Return of 220 IDP families to Kosovo supported, upon their wish.

Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations of the Republic of Serbia

Office of Kosovo and Metohija of the Republic of Serbia

Local self-government units

Target Groups

Refugees, IDPs, returnees under readmission agreements

Summary of the project

The Republic of Serbia (RS) still provides refuge to some 74,500 refugees and 210,000 IDPs. The worsening socioeconomic situation within the RS has particularly affected vulnerable social groups. The EC Analytical Report 2011 accompanying Commission Opinion on Serbia’s application for membership of EU qualifies the situation of refugees and IDPs as particularly worrying. It states that the number of CCs has been gradually reduced, but that significant numbers of refugees and IDPs are still accommodated in poor conditions. Around 97,000 of the IDPs remain in need of assistance for housing, employment and personal identification documents. With the arrival of numerous returnees expected upon implementation of Readmission Agreements, the RS is obliged to provide sustainable housing solutions to additional returnees. To ensure the full observance of the returnees’ human rights and to facilitate their reintegration and social inclusion, it will also be necessary to provide for their basic living conditions. Special attention will be paid to extremely vulnerable individuals. The project will also provide necessary assistance to IDPs considering the return to Kosovo.

Programme/Project objectives

Adequate living conditions and integration of forced migrants who choose to stay in Serbia, while supporting the sustainable return of those wishing to return to Kosovo, specifically:

  1. Closure of all remaining CCs and improvement of the living conditions for an additional 450 refugees, IDPs and returnees under the Readmission Agreement;
  2. Support to sustainable return of IDPs to Kosovo;
  3. Delivery of building material packages, purchase of village houses and supply and instalment of prefabricated houses for IDPs and returnees in undignified private accommodation, 

More details on project

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in 2010 and 2011 financed a project with the objective to collect data and establish a database of relevant information regarding returnees and their needs.

From 2008 to 2011, the Commissariat for Refugees has allocated a total of EUR 7.1m from the national budget toward the implementation of LAPs.

The UNHCR and bilateral donors (USA and Germany) have also provided resources to assist in resolving the housing concerns of refugees and IDPs.

“Joint Programme for Priority Durable Solutions for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons – Regional Cooperation”: this regional programme is agreed between four countries in the region with the aim to comprehensively contribute to a substantive completion of the protracted displacement situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia