Official title of the project

Regional Housing Programme

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

261M Euro

Implementation period
2009. Jan - 2011. Feb

Commissariat For Refugee



Programme/Project objectives

Embedded in the context of the Sarajevo Process, the Regional Housing Programme aims to make a substantial contribution to the satisfactory resolution of the protracted problem of the remaining refugees and displaced persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia by providing long-lasting, sustainable housing solutions.

This action will fully respect the rights of refugees and displaced persons involved and will recognise the mutual obligation of the signatories to cooperate closely and to synchronise their activities so as to find long-lasting housing solutions through either voluntary return and reintegration or local integration.

A Donors’ Conference aiming at attracting a maximum amount of funds to support the financing of the RHP will take place on 24 April 2012 in Sarajevo. 

More details on project


THE RHP for Serbia is aimed to support 16.780 households /44.250 individuals  Overall cost = 335.2 MEURO .

10.000 flats

3.580 building materials

2.000 Village houses

1.200 prefabricated houses


1st wave of projects

70 prefabs and 125 building materials – public called launched and deadline for submission of application for building material expired on 3rd of October. Deadline for submission of application for prefabricated houses expires on 18th of October.

21 municipalities/citi3es involved in the 1st wave

Value of the project: 2.212.500 EURO

Under implementation


2nd wave of project

200 apartments

120 prefabricated houses

300 building material packages

250 village houses

32 municipalities/cities involved

Value of the project: 12.933.600 EURO



3rd wave

235 apartments

80 pre-fabricated houses

350 building material packages

50 village houses

Sub-project III is dedicated to the City of Belgrade and will be implemented on the territory of its 17 municipalities

Value of the projects is 13.642.918,00 EUR