Official title of the project

Supporting access to rights, employment and livelihood enhancement of refugees and IDPS in serbia

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

€ 905.000

Implementation period
2009. Jan - 2011. Feb
Expected results

Improved conditions for social inclusion of IDPS in 20 local communities in Serbia

  • At least 20 targeted municipalities have signed contracts for the development of community based social protection services that will be run by IDP staff (home care services, day care centres and clubs);
  • Minimum 200 IDPS who are users of social assistance (family social allowance) are educated as future care providers of social protection services;
  • The reliable follow up of progress and information concerning the outcome of all projects implemented under the grants scheme is delivered;
  • Public awareness activities undertaken to promote new services developed through the project.

Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs 


EPTISA + CARE international 

Target Groups


  • Local self governments;
  • Community based social service providers;
  • Unemployed IDPs who are users of social assistance (family social allowance);
  • Staff of MoLSP;  

Summary of the project

The Project will have a positive effect on the overall socio-economic progress and greater social cohesion in Serbia since the refugee and IDP population is especially affected by poverty. The project’s activities will be implemented at the local level within identified priorities set out in local strategic and action plans. Beneficiary institutions and municipalities will be responsible for the results to be achieved and will be able to replicate similar activities to support additional vulnerable groups. Moreover it will be possible to share the experience of beneficiary municipalities with other municipalities in Serbia, in order to improve their capacities to deal with the problems faced by these target groups’. 

At the moment, the planning process initiated at local level in targeted municipalities has already raised awareness about refugees’/IDPs’ problems. It has triggered interest in other neighbouring communities who expressed the willingness to participate in this process as well. The majority of municipalities in Serbia have shown great interest in tackling this issue in a more systematic and planned manner.

Programme/Project objectives

To assist in resolving the problems of refugees and IDPs in the Republic of Serbia through the provision of adequate support.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

  • Setting up of a PMU;
  • Design, manage and launch a grant scheme for social inclusion, raise public awareness and deliver training for future care providers.