Official title of the project

Creation of a monitoring, reporting and verifying system for the successful implementation of the EU Emissions Trading System


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

€ 1,000,000

Implementation period
2013. Sep - 2015. Sep
Expected results

1.Necessary legal framework in place for the alignment with and implementation of the MRV aspects of the EU ETS Directive, including the M&R and A&V regulations;

2.Institutional and procedural arrangements in place for the establishment and operation of MRV system for a future implementation of EU ETS;


Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia

Summary of the project

As non-Annex I Party to the UNFCCC and the Protocol Republic of Serbia does not have quantified emission reduction commitments, in the first commitment period. Nevertheless Serbia is committed to contribute to the efforts on combating climate change. Moreover, as an EU Candidate Country, it has obligation to gradually align with EU acquis, including climate acquis, and to ensure its efficient implementation.

The creation of a monitoring, reporting and verifying (MRV) system for the successful implementation of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and the creation of an economy-wide MRV system in line with EU acquis are key elements of the European Union's policy to combat climate change. Therefore, the Project will explicitly target establishment of complete and effective MRV system necessary for successful implementation of the EU Emissions Trading System. This will be achieved through preparation of the required legislation and proposals for appropriate institutional to be set up.


  1. Accelerate harmonization with and implementation of EU climate acquis through establishment of the monitoring, reporting and verifying system for the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) 

Programme/Project objectives

  1. Establish a monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions in line with the EU legislation
  2. Prepare the set up of the EU Emission Trading Scheme
  3. Provide some advice on the reporting of GHG emissions in line with the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change

More details on project

Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) implemented project “Setting up Environmental Management Center in Serbia” through Norwegian donor programme. Objective of the project was to set up Environmental Management Center in Serbia for efficient emission monitoring and reporting. Activities under this project were mostly connected with report’s preparation in compliance with requirements of E-PRTR. Evaluation of possibilities for linking of E-PRTR and EU ETS reporting and use of existing structure was conducted under the Project.


The project “Capacity Development Project on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the Republic of Serbia” that has been leaded by the previous Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning will be taken into consideration. The objective of the project is identification of appropriate mitigation actions in energy efficiency sector (energy production, buildings and transportation) in a measurable, reportable and verifiable way. The project is financed by the Government of Japan, while the implementation agency is Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). National partners on the project are previous Ministry for Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency Agency.  Evaluation of impacts on specific installations covered by the NAMAs project once they become ETS installations will be conducted. Evaluation will include assessment what will be impacts in case that installation decide to reduce emissions through NAMAs mechanism that mean to give emission reduction units to investor, could it fulfill EU ETS requirements without financial losses.


The project:Establishment of reporting system for the EU Directive 2009/29/EC (EU ETS)”, is submitted for financial support through Norwegian donor programme. Still the project is under consideration of donor. The main goal of the project is training of installations and verifiers for  fulfillment of MRV requirements of Directive 2009/29/EC. If it will be approved by Norwegians, jointly these two projects will ensure sustainable basis for effective implementation of the EU ETS Directive at the national level. All mentioned activities could be realized even withoutstrict and finally definied legislation at the national level. Mean two projects could be implemented in paralel.


Global Environmental Facility finances through UNDP the project: “Enabling activities for the preparation of Second National Communication of the Republic of Serbia to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – UNFCCC”. Certain activities under this project are dedicated to the GHG inventory and mitigation programme preparation. These activities and gaps identified through its realization will be used for GHG inventory uncertainty management improvement and preparation of guidelines for GHG inventory and mitigation programme under the Project. 


Actions have been undertaken in order to meet new obligations arising from the negotiation process under the Convention, so the CCD initiated preparation of the project entitled “First Biennial update reporting under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change“. The project should be financed by the GEF, and the implementing agency should be the UNDP. The aim of the Ministry is to fulfill the obligation of submitting these report to the UNFCCC Secretariat by December 2014. There will be exchange of information between two projects in order to avoid overlapping.