Official title of the project

Law enforcement in the field of industrial pollution control, prevention of chemical accidents and establishing the EMAS system, EuropeAid/131555/C/SER/RS, Contract No. 2012/295-223


Project information

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Total budget of programme / project

 2,527,000.00 €

Implementation period
2012. Sep - 2014. Sep
Expected results

Result 1:

Recommendations prepared for the full harmonization of the Serbian legislation with the EU Environmental Acquis, (IPPC/IED, Seveso Directive, and EMAS (EMAS III (Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009).

Result 2:

Enhanced capacities of the competent authorities with regard to IPPC permitting, evaluation of safety reporting and emergency plans in compliance with Seveso, and EMAS Certification. Improved quality of safety reporting and IPPC applications. Preparation of documentation needed for EMAS Certification at the level of operators/companies.

Result 3:

Increased public awareness regarding opportunities for public participation in decision making process in procedures concerning Seveso Safety Reports and Emergency Plans, IPPC permitting procedure, as well as pro-active public participation in the EMAS certification process. Relevant public information uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection.

Result 4:

Safety Reports and Emergency Plans drafts prepared within selected pilot installations in compliance with the Law on Environmental Protection.

Result 5:

IPPC permits drafted for selected industrial installations in compliance with the Serbian IPPC Law. Preparation of a generic ‘permit template’.

Results 6:

Selected companies prepared for EMAS certification and registration within pilot programmes for the future EMAS certification.


Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection

Target Groups

Primary target group - Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, with its Department for Integrated Permits, Section for Chemical Accident Protection and Section for Standards and Cleaner Production.

Secondary target&

Summary of the project

In March 2012 Serbia was granted EU candidate status. Serbia has made significant progress in the alignment with the EU environmental acquis, esspecially horizintal acquis;  nevertheless, the country faces big challenges in implementing and enforcing the EU environmental acquis esspecially taking into account limitted technical and administrative capacities and low public awareness level in the country on the environmental issues.

Transposition of the IPPC Directive (96/61/EC) has been substaintialy completed, however significant efforts are needed for proper transposition of the IED Directive (2010/75/EU) with focus on newly introduced articles dealing with the BAT, ELVs and public participation in the decision making process and access to information.

The Seveso II (Directive 96/82/EC) is substantaily transposed, however, transposition of Seveso III (2012/18/EU)  will require additional efforts, taking into account coordination of relevant authorities; technical updates of Annex I, which take into account the changes in EU chemicals classification; scope of the requirements towards Major Accident Prevention policy; domino effects;public participation in the external emergency plans elaboration and in the decision making process; access to information and to justice; scope of the Safety report requirements (annex II).

Legal bases for introduction and application of standards of the environmental management system (EMS) and EMAS have been regulated by different legal and sub legal acts. As most important could be regarded legal acts by which issues of competences for certain activities in connection with standardization, accreditation and the environment have been regulated as well as sub legal acts by which these three issues have been regulated in more details.Transposition of the EMAS II Regulation (old EMAS Regulation) is partially done via Law on environmental protection. However, major deficiencies in transposition ha

Programme/Project objectives

  1. The overall objective of this EU-funded project is to assist the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection in the process of implementation of the environmental legislation on the IPPC, the Seveso II Directive and the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).
  2. The purpose of this project is to build and enhance the capacity for enforcement of regulations aligned with the EU Environmental Directives, specifically for the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC), prevention of chemical accidents and the EMAS. 

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Law enforcement in the field of industrial pollution control, prevention of chemical accidents and establishing the EMAS system EuropeAid/131555/C/SER/RS Contract No. 2012/295-223

 2,527,000.00 €

Hulla&Co Human Dynamics KG (Austria) in consortium with Regional Environmental Center (Hungary), RPS (The Netherlands) and Mobilisation for Environment (The Netherlands)