Official title of the project

Higher Education Teaching Infrastructure Programme


Project information

Region / City
Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Goc, Bor Kragujevac, Kraljevo
Total budget of programme / project

€ 24,5 millions (+ € 200 millions EIB/CEB loan) 

Implementation period
2012. Jan - 2014. Jan
Expected results

Priority teaching  infrastructure and supply projects implemented


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development

Target Groups

Universities and students

Summary of the project

Serbia has six state universities - University of Belgrade, University of Arts, Belgrade, University of Nis, University of Kragujevac, University of Novi Pazar and University of Novi Sad.  The total student body is approx 220,000 students (a doubling of numbers since the 1990s) with over 10,000 University teaching staff.

As with other European countries, the Serbian government regards the Higher Education sector as a crucial national asset in meeting the demands and challenges of economic globalisation. Serbian Universities are seen as vital sources of new knowledge, innovative thinking and as providers of skilled personnel for the economy.

  1. Better education = Better perspectives for the future
  2. Fostering economic development
  3. Taking advantages of fast changing global economic environment

Programme/Project objectives

  1. Improve quality of higher education
  2. Introduce modern learning processes
  3. Improve links between school and industry, thus enhance employment perspectives.

More details on project

The Council of Europe is implementing the project Strengthening Higher Education Reforms in Serbia which is funded by the EU. The project aims to support and accelerate higher education reforms in Serbia, based upon the Bologna Process  in order for Serbian Universities to compete at a European and International level.

The World Bank provided a $10 million loan for an Education Improvement Programme aimed at the modernization of the general education (primary and secondary education) including development of an IT system.