Official title of the project

Strengthening Serbia-EU Civil Society Dialogue


Project information

Region / City
Belgrade, Serbia
Total budget of programme / project

3.5 million EUR

Implementation period
2010. Jun - 2011. Sep
Expected results

To develop a sustainable civil society dialogue between the Republic of Serbia and EU Member State

Develop quality programme that will promote policy dialogue with Serbian authorities and intensify debates on Serbia’s European Integration process

Develop quality programme that will promote policy dialogue with Serbian authorities and intensify debates on Serbia’s European Integration process

Civil society organisations are willing to cooperate among themselves and with the EU

The civil society organisations do have the capacity to produce quality project proposals

CSOs and partners are interested and have capacity to carry out joint projects

Target Groups

Civil society sector in Serbia;

Summary of the project

In December 2009, the Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Serbia launched the Strengthening Serbia-EU Civil Society Dialogue Project. The project is implemented through a Call for Proposals operating during 2010 and 2011. After the assessment of the 174 applications submitted the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia has awarded 32 proposals amounting in total to 3.920.460 EUR.

The overall grant amount contracted is 3.497.530,37 EUR

Civil society is an essential element of democratic public life. Its active involvement in the process of political, social and economic reform in the Western Balkans strengthens democracy and reconciliation.

Despite some positive steps, civil society organisations remain weak and need training to adapt to present circumstances. It is, therefore, important to create conditions conducive to further growth of their activities”,

stated European Commission in its Communication on Western Balkans in 2008.

(COM (2008) 127 final)

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to develop a sustainable civil society dialogue between Serbia and EU

The selected actions focus on networking, strengthening cooperation, exchange of knowledge and best practices between CSOs from EU and Serbia. Main areas of intervention are: citizens participation in making and monitoring public policies, protection of consumers rights, fight against corruption and grey economy, raising professional standards, public-private partnership, empowering entrepreneurship, environmental protection, rural development, applying EU standards in non-formal education, youth active participation, protection of vulnerable groups and social policy, etc. 

More details on project

International donor programmes:


Civil Society Advocacy Initiative (CSAI)   - a seven year (2006-2013) grant and capacity‐building programme, implemented by the Institute for Sustainable Communities in partnership with local and regional CSOs. CSAI has awarded 300 grants amounting to 11.3 million USD. The programme supported 203 CSOs and 126 grassroots.

Sustainable Local Development Project   – a five-year project launched in 2011 and designed to support with 22 million USD the socio-economic development of Serbian communities. CSOs will be supported by a grant scheme component.

The Social Development Civil Society Fund of the World Bank aims at empowering citizens to have greater ownership of developmental processes.  The average amount of the small grants programme is 4 500 USD.

Bilateral programmes:

The Norwegian fund for grassroots projects   is a grant scheme managed by the Norwegian embassy in Belgrade for developing civil society and local communities in in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia

Swiss Development Cooperation Programme  is paying great attention to improvement of the civil society and to the minority issue and to their inclusion into the social system of the Republic of Serbia. Since 2008, additional financial funds are dedicated to projects dealing with issues of migration;

Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)  – Swedish development cooperation with Serbia is primarily directed to: democracy and public administration, European integration, sustainable use of natural resources and environmental interest, respecting human rights, and gender equality;

Other international:

International organisations like UNDP  and OSCE  provide support for CSOs’ projects in the area of democratisation, rule of law, citizen participation, youth, women, minority rights;

Foreign private donors:

GMF – Balkan Trust for Democracy,  Mott Foundation,  National Endowment for Democracy,  Open Society Institute,  Robert Bosch Foundation,  Rockefeller Brothers Fund.