Official title of the project

Support for Participate in Community Programmes

Project information

Provide IPA funds as entry ticket for participation in selected Community Programmes to ensure participation of companies, education institutions, non-governmental organisations, citizens, national administration and other potential applicants in sel
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Total Budget: 7.6 M€

EU contribution: 5 M€

Implementation period
2010. Aug - 2014. Mar
Expected results

Participation in Community Programmes (FP7, Progress, Culture, CIP, Fiscalis, Customs, Life+, and Marco Polo II) will encourage the active involvement of public and private institutions, NGOs, civil society institutions, universities to benefit from the EU accession process.

Knowledge of EU practices can subsequently be utilised in the design and application of future projects and actions in Serbia.


Government of Serbia

Target Groups

Citizens, public and private institutions, civil society institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations

Summary of the project

In its Communication “Agenda 2000” (July 1997), the European Commission proposed the progressive opening-up to the candidate and potential candidate countries of a broad range of Community programmes, as one of the intermediate objectives of accession. The objective of participation in the programmes is to enable the countries to familiarise themselves with the methods and policies of the European Union.

Serbian participation in Community Programmes represents a major step in meeting the criteria towards EU accession in the field of science, culture, employment, entrepreneurship and innovation, taxation and custom systems. It represents an important step in familiarising the country and its citizens with the Union’s policies and working methods.

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to better understanding of Serbia and its citizens on European Union policies and working methods