Official title of the project

Strengthening capacities of local self-governments and educational institutions for implementation of laws and policies of inclusive education in local communities in Serbia


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU Contribution : 78,950.42 EUR (79.49%)      

Association of Students with Disabilities: 6,916.47 EUR (6.96%)

National Association of Students with Disabilities:  5,367.19 EUR (5.40%)

Implementation period
-0001. Nov - -0001. Nov
Expected results
  1. Primary school staff (teachers, education experts, management) of schools in seven selected municipalities has more knowledge and capacities to implement inclusive education programs according to the Law on Fundamentals of the Education System
  2. Local self-governments of seven selected municipalities from Serbia participate in and support implementation of inclusive education and supporting services, through local policies and financing.
  3. Key stakeholders for inclusive education implementation in local communities have greater awareness of inter-sector approach and cooperation in enforcement of the Law on Fundamentals of Education and their role in it.

 Local self-governments and local education (elementary school) and social protection institutions from Serbia

  1. Initiative for Inclusion VelikiMali, Pan, Serbia
  2. Mental Disability Rights Initiative of Serbia – MDRI-S, Belgrade, Serbia
Target Groups
  1. School staff – teachers, directors, pedagogues, psychologists and other involved in delivery of education of children from vulnerable groups
  2. Local self-government representatives (representatives from departments and secto

Programme/Project objectives

  • Persons with disability fully enjoy the right to have full and equal access to education system and related supporting (social) services in their local community.
  • All children, disregarding the difference and background, have equal access to education system in Serbia
  • Local governments and educational institutions in seven local governance units in Serbia have increased capacity to support and implement the provisions of the Law on the Fundamentals of the Education System and provide equal access to primary education for children with disabilities in their communities.