Official title of the project

Observatory on Violence against Women - an independent national expert body to monitor violence against women


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU: 47.404,80 EUR

AWC contribution 2.390,35 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Dec - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  1. Empowered women’s organizations for monitoring, implementation of strategies, laws and measures and advocating positive changes in Serbia.
  2. Identification of good practices and models of existing independent bodies for monitoring violence against women.
  3. Formation of an independent national body for monitoring violence against women in Serbia.

Network for European Women’s Lobby, Belgrade

Target Groups

The first target group: 25 local women’s CSOs from Serbia; at least 40 women's CSOs indirectly positively affected. At least 300 persons indirectly obtain information and knowledge. The second target group: representati

Programme/Project objectives

  1. The overall objective is to contribute to combat against discrimination and to the democratisation of the society through a more efficient protection of women from gender based violence.
  2. The specific objective is the strengthening of capacities of women’s CSOs in Serbia for the monitoring of the implementation of strategies, laws, measures and effects on the women against violence and cooperation with independent bodies for the protection of human rights.

More details on project

Autonomous Women’s Center,

Slobodanka Macanovic, adress Tirsova 5a, phone/fax 381 11 2687190; e mail