Official title of the project

Partnership for Gender and Human Security


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU contribution: EUR 64,200

Co-financing: EUR 17,076

Implementation period
-0001. Nov - -0001. Nov
Expected results

1. Improved knowledge and raised awareness of MPs and CSO leaders on the broad concept of human security and its relation to gender equality

2. Improved capacities of MPs and civil society leaders for active engagement and advocacy on gender equality

3. Women take a more prominent role in public discussions and decision-making processes related to human security

4. Established informal network on gender and human security, comprising women in Parliament and civil society, and other interested MPs and political/social leaders

5. Greater number of women MPs interested in sitting on the Committee for Defence and Security and the Committee for Foreign Affairs

6. Established continuous dialogue and cooperation between women activists in civil society and MPs, particularly women in  Parliament

7. Better coordination of policy and effective implementation of legislation in the field of gender equality

8. More transparent, participative and inclusive policy reform processes in relevant fields

9. Stronger voice of women and other vulnerable groups in the Parliament


Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence

Target Groups

15 MPs (especially women), members of the following 7 Parliamentary Committees: Gender Equality, Interethnic Relations, Defence and Security, Foreign Affairs, European Integration, Labour, Veteran and Social Affairs, and Poverty Reduction


Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to facilitate gender mainstreaming of policy by fostering the concept of human security and building capacities of MPs, particularly women in parliament, and CSOs for greater cooperation and effective joint action in the implementation of gender equality legislation and the overall participation of women in policy processes. Specific objectives:

  1. to provide capacity building of MPs engaged in committees relevant for gender and human security and CSOs working on both gender and security issues
  2. to improve the knowledge of the target group on the concept of human security, its relation with gender equality and anti-discrimination in general, as well as its impact on further democratisation of Serbia
  3. to facilitate better understanding of the role of civil society in the policy process among MPs and strengthen that role with respect to human security and gender
  4. to develop opportunities for establishing networks and coalitions of MPs and CSOs for advocating for gender equality and human security in all relevant policy processes, and in particular in security sector reform
  5. to familiarise the target group with the national, local, and European institutions and mechanisms for assuring gender equality and promoting human security
  6. to encourage women in Parliament to take part in traditionally male-dominated committees
  7. to encourage MPs on the Gender Equality Committee to tackle security-related is