Official title of the project

Promotion of Inclusive Labor Market for Persons with Disabilities in Republic of Serbia


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

117.109,04 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Dec - 2012. Dec
Expected results

1. Obtained comprehensive insight in the human rights standards and provisions in the field of employment of PWDS

2. Unified monitoring methodology developed

3. Improved capacities of DPOs

4. Improved visibility of PWDs

5. Promoted opportunities for employment and political participation of PWDs at local and state level

6. Promoted public debate on the position of PWDs in our society, as well as on the effective implementation of relevant provision and practices of state institutions and political parties

7. Public authorities better informed on legislation regulating, political participation of PWD’s and current status of employment of PWDs in public enterprises

8. Increased awareness of wider public on the problem of under employment of PWDs and lack of their political participation


Center for Society Orientation


Belgrade Center for Human Rights 

Target Groups

Disabled People Organizations from 8 municipalities in Serbia, Local Authorities from those municipalities, representatives of local agencies of the ministries and of statistic institutes, the Ombudsman office representatives local and national, m

Programme/Project objectives

To enhance employment opportunities and to contribute to the fulfillment of the human rights of PWD’s and to better inclusion of disabled people in society. 

Specific objectives

1. To create national mechanism of monitoring in the sector of employment of persons with disabilities

2. To develop common criteria (and principles) for participatory monitoring of disabled person's rights and establish links between the national and local monitoring mechanisms;

3. To actualize the issue of PWD neglect in employment and political sphere among relevant stakeholders and general public

4. To raise awareness of relevant stakeholders and general