Official title of the project

Positioning the Union of Serbian PLHIV (people living with HIV/AIDS) Organisations on Civil Society Scene in Serbia


Project information

Total budget of programme / project

EU contribution: 90,000 EUR

Co-financing: 22,865 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Dec - 2012. Jun
Expected results
  1. 15 representatives of the Union of Serbian PLHIV (USOP) will receive knowledge, skills and contacts necessary for positioning of USOP as a nation-based civil society network of PLHIV organisations, with the mission to work on promoting human rights of PLHIV and protecting PLHIV against discrimination and stigmatisation,
  2. Tailor-made curricula, covering 7 central fields of USOP interest in the area of management, communication and advocacy will be designed, fully in accordance to the needs of USOP and its members, empowering USOP to become professional, responsible, accountable social partner in fighting against violation of PLHIV human rights and fighting against HIV stigma in general,
  3. Most important social partners in holistic fight against discrimination of HIV/AIDS will be recognised and recruited; direct communication between USOP and their social partners will be established and potentials for future cooperation defined,
  4. Social cards for at least 50 most vulnerable PLHIV will be developed, as a toll for communication of PLHIV with social welfare institutions, enabling them to apply for fulfilment of one of PLHIV most violated human right – right for social welfare protection,
  5. 10 volunteers will gain technical and psychosocial skills necessary for assisting most vulnerable PLHIV and their families for applying for fulfilment of social welfare rights,
  6. At least 20-25 PLHIV (per workshop) will participate in 30 Self-Support Groups’ workshops, jointly solving some of the most common and difficult challenges PLHIV face, which make them insufficiently self-confident and inactive as individuals and social being, empowering them to confront all problems and issues that weaken them and get involved in fight for their rights more actively and more productively,
  7. USOP Statement will be developed, as a first USOP-made systematic document tackling selected groups of problems and challenges, recognising causes, partners and defining directions for working on solving them,
  8. 2500 copies of USOP Statements (among which 1000 will be in English) will be printed and distributed to social partners throughout Serbia,
  9. Multidisciplinary PLHIV Human Rights Team, consisted of selected high representatives of experts and professional from most relevant social partners’ pool will be established and 4 Recommendation documents on 4 selected topics will be created,
  10. 2500 copies of Recommendation (among which 1000 will be in English)  will be printed and distributed to social partners throughout Serbia,
  11. 4 Round Tables in 4 towns in Serbia, facilitated by representatives of social partners engaged in this Action (including USOP representative) will be organised in order to locate and motivate local communities to become more active on fighting discrimination against PLHIV,
  12. Three thematic radio shows in three towns in Serbia will be conducted, hosting representatives of social partners engaged in this Action (including USOP representative),
  13. Most renowned HIV-related events (World AIDS Day and Candle Light Memorial Day) will be jointly organised and marked.

Unija organizacija Srbije koja se bavi zaštitom osoba koje žive sa HIV-om i AIDS-om / Union of Serbian PLHIV 

Target Groups

Action target groups are:

(1) Children (less than 18 years old),

(2) Community Based Organisation(s),

(3) Disabled,

(4) Drug consumers,

(5) Educational organisations (school, universities),

Programme/Project objectives

Action’s overall objective is to position the Union of Serbian PLHIV, as a network of organisations of Serbia dealing with protection of people living with HIV/AIDS, together with its constituency, as relevant social partner in nation-based fight against discriminations and stigma of PLHIV. 

Specific objectives

  • to strengthen capacities of Union of Serbian PLHIV (USOP) and its member organisations in managerial, communication and advocacy performances
  • to provide self-supportive environment that will empower 50 people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) to become more self-confident and aware of possibilities and capacities for their more active social engagement
  • to assist most vulnerable PLHIV to understand the procedure for practicing social welfare rights, as one of basic but most violated human right of PLHIV
  • to locate and gather representatives of some of crucial stakeholders in the area of protection and fight against discrimination of PLHIV and develop holistic recommendations for combating this discrimination
  • to raise awareness of expert and wide public in seven towns in Serbia on the necessity for direct and full inclusiveness of PLHIV and their organisations in the process of fighting HIV/AIDS stigma.