Official title of the project

ALMA - Art in Literature as a Model for Advocacy (for minority rights)


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU contribution: 69.428,45 EUR

Co-financing: 17.357,11 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Dec - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  1. 75 teachers and cultural workers and 75 young people learnt how to use the tools for promotion of intercultural dialogue and culture of minorities through literature;
  2.  minimum 12,000 citizens more aware of importance of respecting cultural minority rights and intercultural dialogue;
  3.  100 local and 20 national stakeholders responsible for minority rights protection accept the importance of introducing the tools and programmes for promotion of intercultural dialogue and the culture of minorities in formal education.

Bela Crkva: Municipal Assembly, Youth Office, Council for Interethnic Relations, Serbian Russian Association, Czech Society, Cultural Association Banacanka, General High School and High School for Economics, Library, Education Inspector, Centre for Culture; Roma Office, Bela Crkva; Association of Czechs of South Banat, Savo Muncan Technical High School, Historic Archive of Bela Crkva, Tourist Association Bela Crkva, etc.

Vranje: Town Assembly; Youth Office; Roma Office, Vranje; Council for Interethnic Relations; Youth Association, Vranje; Children

Target Groups

75 teachers and cultural workers; 75 young people of different ethnic, cultural and social background; 100 local stakeholders responsible for minority rights protection - representatives of councils for interethnic relations or other governmental&

Programme/Project objectives

  1. The overall objective  is society where minority rights are respected and interethnic and intercultural dialogue nurtured.
  2. The specific objective is that key stakeholders in local communities are strengthened and networked for active promotion of cultural minority rights and intercultural dialogue and supported by favoured institutional environment

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Group 484

Pukovnika Bacica 3, 11040 Belgrade, Serbia