Official title of the project

Reaching diversity


Project information

Reaching diversity-promotion of intercultural dialogue, tolerance and understanding in Southern and Eastern Serbia
Region / City
Bor, Leskovac, Bujanovac
Total budget of programme / project

63.429,77 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Dec - 2012. Feb
Expected results
  1. At least 270 high schools students from Southern and Eastern Serbia and 12 young people/volunteers from different EU/Council of Europe countries actively involved in promoting values of intercultural and interethnic dialogue as well as importance of active youth participation
  2. 12 young people from EU/Council of Europe countries volunteering in partner organizations together with local youth activists/project participants (at least 5 per organization) actively promoting active participation and intercultural dialogue by setting their own examples as a role model for active co-existence in multicultural environment
  3. Project activities set the example of good practice of promotion of intercultural dialogue among young people by young people living in multicultural surroundings
  4. New partnerships created in order to raise initiatives and develop platform for promoting peace, tolerance and multiculturalism among young people
  5. Informal network of young people for development of intercultural dialogue created on both regional and international level

Resource Centre Leskovac, Resource Centre Bor, Community Resource Centre Bujanovac 


Resource Centre Bor, Community Resource Centre Bujanovac 

Target Groups

Youth (high school students) of different ethnic or religious backgrounds aged 15 to 19 living in Jablanica, Pcinja and Bor Districts (at least 270 of them directly involved) with special emphasis on those living in rural areas and smaller municip

Programme/Project objectives

  1. 1 To promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance among youth living in Southern and Eastern Serbia by using different methodologies (non-formal education, interactive participation, equal opportunities for everyone principle)
  2. To support development of civil society and grassroots engagement of young people in Southern and Eastern Serbia in order to stimulate critical thinking with the aim to find solution for problems that occur in local communities
  3. To stimulate capacity building of young people in order to strengthen their position in society and local communities by offering them information, experiences and education