Official title of the project

Local action plan for improvement of women’s situation and gender equality in the Municipality of Majdanpek, 2012-2016

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Eu contribution: 45.130,02 EUR

Co-financing: 2.375,25 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Dec - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  1. President of the muncipality signed The European Charter  for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life, putting the Muncipality of Majdanpek as third municipality in Serbia that accepted this codex.
  2. Local administration and women living in municipality of Majdnapek are equipped with knowledge about creating gender responsive policies
  3. Assessment report about women’s situation is developped, printed and distributed to local institutions, deission makers and other stakeholders
  4. Local Action Plan for Gender Equality 2012-2016 is developped and passed in local parliament
  5. Financial allocation for implementation of LAP for Gender Equality is secured in municipal budget for 2012.  

Nansen Dialogue Centre Serbia, Belgrade

Youth Cooperation KZM, Majdanpek

Target Groups

5000 women (estimated) age 16-60, living in the municipality of Majdanpek, with focus on rural areas; 

Six members of The Municipal Commission for Gender Equality;

Political parties represented in the Local Parliament and&

Programme/Project objectives

  1. To convince local politicians to put gender equality on political agenda
  2. To provide Municipal Commission for Gender Equality and rural women information and knowledge about participation in local gender equality policies,
  3. To evaluate current gender equality situation in municipality of Majdanpek
  4.  To develop Local Action Plan for Gender Equality and lobby for adoption in the local parlament
  5. To promote improtance of gender equality for sustainable local development 

More details on project

Association of Citiziens Resource Centre, Majdanpek

Boris Ilijevski, president; e-mail: